Smokvica on the island of Korcula, Croatia

The tranquil Smokvica in the centre of the Croatian island of Korcula is all about enjoyment and cosiness. Home to the famous Posip wine, the lush vines and their produce are among Smokvica's main attractions.

Smokvica lies pretty much between Korcula's coastal towns of Vela Luka and Korcula on the east-west road. Wind-protected valleys and the mild climate make this area in the middle of the island of Korcula the perfect wine-growing region. The region's flagship wines are the famous Posip or the tasty Rukatac, which is pressed by the well-known wineries Jedinstvo and Toreta, among others.


Sights of Smokvica

Apart from the regional restaurants, cosy konobas and cool wine cellars, Smokvica also invites you to take a walk through the centre of the village. Smokvica's two most beautiful buildings can be admired on the main square: The neo-Romanesque Church of St. Virgin of Purity from the 20th century and the columned Venetian loggia.

Oranges, olives and wine

The numerous winegrowers of Smokvica are worth seeing and, above all, visiting. In the Toreta wine cellar, one of the most famous in the village, there are tastings and a small museum to visit. However, this is often only open by appointment.

A stop at Daria's Seville Orange Delights closes the circle of culinary sights in Smokvica. Here, orange trees blossom in a lovingly landscaped garden, and their numerous products can be tasted and purchased in the shop.

In the surrounding area, the green landscape with its rolling hills is an enticement for an active holiday on Korcula. Numerous cycle paths and hiking trails lead through the olive groves and vineyards to picturesque vantage points, the Michael Church in the former town centre of Smokvica or a crumbling castle ruin.

Beaches near Smokvica

Located in the middle of the island, Smokvica has no beaches of its own. However, the nearest beaches are only a few kilometres away. To the south is the Bay of Brna, which served as Smokvica's harbour several decades ago.

To the southwest, in the resort of Brna, lies the "main beach" of Smokvica. Zal beach in its pine-covered bay offers sun, beach and sea as well as some sports and recreational facilities. In the neighbouring bay of Istruga behind the peninsula of Mali Zaglav, there are healing mud deposits that help to relieve rheumatism.

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