Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia holidaymakers will find Trg Ban Jelačić, Zagreb's main square, a perfect landmark with magnificent monuments, nice cafés and restaurants and diverse shopping opportunities.

Jelačić Square is bustling day and night thanks to shopping and chatting Croats, street musicians and tourists on their way to Zagreb's top sights. Connecting Zagreb's Upper and Lower Town s, the centrally located Ban Jelačić Square is the main meeting place for tourists and locals alike. People like to meet "kod sata na trgu", "by the clock in the square".


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Ban Jelačić Square is where 8 streets and 10 tram lines converge, including Ilica Street, which can be described as the city's main artery. Free wi-fi and what is said to be the best coffee in town make Jelačić Square a worthwhile stopover when sightseeing in Zagreb.

History of Ban Jelačić Square

The impressive equestrian statue in the centre of Zagreb's main square still commemorates the famous commander and ban Josip Jelačić, Croatia - © zlatkozalec / Shutterstock
© zlatkozalec / Shutterstock

Zagreb's main square has existed since the 17th century. Since 1848 it has been named after Joseph Jelačić of Bužim, who was Ban of the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia in the 19th century.

The impressive equestrian statue in the centre of the square has commemorated the famous general and national hero since 1866. The monument was created by Anton Dominik Fernkorn, who also designed the two equestrian statues on Heldenplatz in Vienna.

Under Tito, the square was briefly called Trg Republice, but the Croatian population did not approve of this at all and it was immediately reversed after the death of the communist ruler.

Josip Jelačić's equestrian monument was also to be destroyed and only survived because it was hidden in a cellar. The name and monument were restored on 16 October 1990, shortly before the beginning of Croatia's political independence.

Oldest building on Ban Jelačić Square

The oldest house on Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb is number 18 and was built in 1827, Croatia - © paul prescott / Shutterstock
© paul prescott / Shutterstock

The oldest house on the square is number 18 and was built in 1827. Otherwise, magnificent buildings from the Classicism, Viennese Secession and Modernism periods bear witness to the glorious times under Austro-Hungarian rule.


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