The Top 10 Sights of Berlin, Germany

Travel to Berlin completely without tourist traps! Here is a list of the top 10 sights of Berlin! What highlights and attractions you can not miss on vacation in Berlin?

Germany's capital, steeped in history, offers an incredible amount to discover. The top 10 sights of Berlin are just as much a must as a Weißwurst (white sausage) at Alexanderplatz or a wintry visit to the magical Christmas markets.


Memorials and war legacies such as the Topography of Terror, the Neue Wache or the Holocaust Memorial remind us of a part of the city's history that even travelers to Berlin should not close their eyes to.


View of the spectacular Reichstag building, one of the most visited sights in Berlin, Germany - © Katja Xenikis / Fotolia
© Katja Xenikis / Fotolia

Since 1990, the Reichstag in the center of Berlin has been the seat of the Bundestag. But even before that, the impressive building was the scene of numerous major events in Germany's history. Under its glass dome, a restaurant and a café invite you to take a leisurely break from the hustle and bustle of Berlin with a magnificent view of the city.

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Brandenburg Gate

View of the Brandenburg Gate with the famous Quadriga - the goddess of peace Victoria on a carriage with four harnessed horses, Berlin, Germany - © cameraeye / Fotolia
© camera eye / Fotolia

The Brandenburg Gate on the street Unter den Linden is probably the most famous landmark of Berlin. The massive sandstone monument was commissioned by King Frederick William II at the end of the 18th century and is one of the most important works of German classicism. First a symbol of the Cold War, it has stood for German unity since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Victory Column

The Victory Column in Berlin was erected at the end of the 19th century as a monument to Prussian-German victories against France, Denmark and Austria - © lumen-digital / Fotolia
© lumen-digital / Fotolia

In the middle of a large traffic circle in Berlin's Tiergarten, the imposing Victory Column is enthroned with the golden goddess of victory Victoria at its top. The 67m high monument was erected by Germany's first emperor. At the foot of the approximately 8m high statue, a viewing platform offers a sensational view over Berlin.

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On Kurfürstendamm and in the side streets of Ku'damm, as Berliners call it, one comes across apartments that are probably among the most expensive in all of Berlin, Germany - © jan kranendonk / Shutterstock
© jan kranendonk / Shutterstock

The 3.5km long Kurfürstendamm between Breitscheidplatz and Halensee is not only Berlin's number 1 shopping mile, but also one of the most famous streets in the world. Numerous stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs ensure that there is always something going on at the "KuDamm". During the Advent season, the longest Christmas illuminations in Berlin stretch out here.

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Berlin TV Tower

After the reunification of Germany, the TV Tower quickly became a symbol of the whole of Berlin - © seewhatmitchsee / Shutterstock
© seewhatmitchsee / Shutterstock

The impressive TV tower at Alexanderplatz stretches its gigantic antenna 368 meters into the sky, making it Germany's tallest building. A convenient elevator or 986 steps lead to the revolving Telecafé and up to the viewing platform 200 meters above the ground. Every year, around one million visitors enjoy the unforgettable view over Berlin, which falls up to 40 kilometers in good weather.

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Potsdamer Square

With shopping, dining, culture and entertainment, the historic Potsdamer Platz is one of the most important sights in Berlin, Germany - © Noppasin / Shutterstock
© Noppasin / Shutterstock

Potsdamer Platz, steeped in history, connects the old inner city and the new west in the Mitte district. Impressive architecture offers countless opportunities from shopping, gastronomy, culture and entertainment at the busiest square in Europe. Its highlights include the fastest elevator in Europe in the gigantic Kolhoff Tower, the Sony Center with film museum and Legoland, the Daimler art collection and the main stage of the world-famous Berlinale film festival.

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Berlin Zoo

Access to the Berlin Zoo is through the magnificent Elephant Gate at the Budapester Straße entrance, Germany - © T.W. van Urk / Shutterstock
© T.W. van Urk / Shutterstock

The oldest and most species-rich zoo in Germany is located in the Mitte district and is visited by around 3 million people every year. Thanks to the largest aquarium in Europe, the most animal species in the world and last but not least the polar bear and media star Knut, the Berlin Zoo is known and famous far beyond the borders of Germany.

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Gendarmenmarkt in the center of Berlin is one of the most beautiful squares in Germany with the magnificent ensemble of the Concert Hall, German Cathedral and French Cathedral - © Marten_House / Shutterstock
© Marten_House / Shutterstock

Perhaps not as famous as Alexanderplatz or Potsdamer Platz, but hard to beat for beauty is Gendarmenmarkt in the Mitte district. On the magnificent square, the majestic concert hall forms a perfect symmetry with the German and French cathedrals that is unparalleled in Europe.

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Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie in the center of Berlin is still the most famous border crossing of the Berlin Wall, Germany - © SoWhat / Shutterstock
© SoWhat / Shutterstock

The name of Checkpoint Charlie was once no more than the third letter in the alphabet: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. Now, thanks to numerous escape attempts, it has become the most famous border crossing of the Berlin Wall. During the Cold War, American and Russian tanks faced each other here, almost triggering World War III in 1961. The replica of a control hut and the Wall Museum mark Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin to this day.

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Berlin Wall

The "brotherly kiss" between Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker is one of the most famous motifs of the East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany - © turtix / Shutterstock
© turtix / Shutterstock

Speaking of the Berlin Wall - the Wall itself is also one of the most important Berlin sights. Along the Mühlenstraße between Oberbaumbrücke and Ostbahnhof there is still a part of it, which was decorated with a 1.3km long work of art made of different pictures. The so-called East Side Gallery forms the longest and probably the most extraordinary open air gallery in the world.

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