The Top 10 Sights of Sucre, Bolivia

Travel to Sucre without any tourist traps! Here you will find a list of the top 10 attractions in Sucre! Which highlights and attractions are not to be missed when on holiday in Sucre?

Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia and attracts visitors with its museums worth seeing and pompous colonial buildings, which earned Sucre the nickname "White City". Buildings and squares steeped in history tell of Sucre's great historical importance - after all, the state of Bolivia was founded here.


Plaza 25 de Mayo

The Plaza 25 de Mayo in the centre of Sucre, with its shade trees, is a popular meeting place for Bolivia holidaymakers - © mikluha_maklai / Shutterstock
© mikluha_maklai / Shutterstock

In Sucre's central square, tourists and locals meet in the shade of trees and in nice cafés. Surrounded by magnificent buildings, Plaza 25 de Mayo is the ideal starting point for sightseeing in Sucre.

The bright white facades and the abundance of greenery make it one of the most beautiful squares in Bolivia. The most important sights at Plaza 25 de Mayo include the Casa de la Libertad, the Government Palace, the City Hall, the Catedral Metropolitana, the Gemstone Museum and the Natural History Museum.

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Casa de la Libertad (Historical Museum)

The Casa de la Libertad in the centre of Sucre is the "birthplace of Bolivia" - © saiko3p / Shutterstock
© saiko3p / Shutterstock

The first important stop when sightseeing in Sucre is the Casa de la Libertad. It is located directly on the central Plaza 25 de Mayo and is one of the most historic places in the city. This is where the independence treaty was signed in 1825, thus founding Bolivia. The history museum tells the story of Spanish colonial rule and the freedom fighters around Simon Bolivar.

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Museo del Tesoro (Gemstone Museum)

Each piece in the Sucre Gemstone Museum is perfectly staged and amazes viewers with its luxurious shine, Bolivia - © Inna Zueva Nikolaevna / Shutterstock
© Inna Zueva Nikolaevna / Shutterstock

The Museo del Tesoro in a majestic colonial villa on Plaza 25 de Mayo houses some of Latin America's most valuable jewels. The family-run museum is furnished with great attention to detail and perfectly showcases its priceless treasures.

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Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Bolivia is housed in Sucre in a majestic building on Parque Bolivar - © saiko3p / Shutterstock
© saiko3p / Shutterstock

The Supreme Court of Sucre is just as steeped in history as the Casa de la Libertad. The former Domincan monastery is located directly at Parque Bolivar. The Supreme Court was founded in 1827 by the first president of the young independent Bolivia and still makes Sucre the capital of Bolivia, although the state government is located in La Paz.

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Iglesia La Merced

The Iglesia La Merced in the centre of Sucre, Bolivia, was built in the 16th century - © saiko3p / Shutterstock
© saiko3p / Shutterstock

The sanctuary of the Iglesia La Merced in the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Sucre is arguably the most beautiful sanctuary in the city. The light-flooded walls are adorned with masterful paintings by a widely known Baroque painter, and the main altar and pulpit impress with gold-leafed cedar wood carvings.

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Iglesia San Francisco

The white limestone façade of the Iglesia San Francisco in Sucre, Bolivia, is surprisingly simple for a baroque church - © Julian Peters Photography / Shutterstock
© Julian Peters Photography / Shutterstock

The snow-white Iglesia San Francisco houses the "Bell of Freedom", which rang in Bolivia's revolution against the Spanish yoke in 1825. Together with the old town of Sucre, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and impresses with its ornately painted coffered ceiling and the elaborately decorated altar rentables.

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Monastery of San Felipe de Neri

The picturesque monastery of San Felipe the Neri in the centre of Sucre offers a breathtaking view over Sucre, Bolivia - © sunsinger / Shutterstock
© sunsinger / Shutterstock

Right behind the impressive Catedral Metropolitana is the monastery of San Felipe de Neri. Even if it is rather unspectacular to look at, the peaceful monastery offers probably the best view over Sucre from its roof terrace. Looking at the shining limestone façades, it becomes clear why Bolivia's capital is also called the "White City".

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Monastery La Recoleta Santa Ana

The La Recoleta Monastery on Cerro Churuquella in Sucre delights Bolivia holidaymakers with its unbeatable view - © saiko3p / Shutterstock
© saiko3p / Shutterstock

The monastery of La Recoleta Santa Ana also offers a magnificent panorama over Sucre. Since the monastery is located just outside the city, the whole of Sucre is at the visitor's feet. Rose bushes and geraniums, a small market and several restaurants complete the magnificent view from the monastery hill.

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Parque Bolivar

Parque Bolivar is the largest and probably most beautiful park in Sucre, Bolivia - © saiko3p / Shutterstock
© saiko3p / Shutterstock

Sucre's city park, the Parque Bolivar, is also named after the famous freedom fighter and Bolivia's namesake Simon Bolivar. The city's largest and most beautiful park stretches along the edge of the Supreme Court and attracts visitors with its green idyll, a mini Eiffel Tower and a musical fountain.

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Dinosaur Park

A dinosaur park completes the unique Cretaceous dinosaur tracks on a rock face near Sucre, Bolivia - © Free Wind 2014 / Shutterstock
© Free Wind 2014 / Shutterstock

Sucre's Dinosaur Park is about 5km from the city, but it deserves a mention here. Here you can visit a spectacular cliff where several thousand dinosaur tracks from the Cretaceous period have been preserved in their original form - complete with a theme park consisting of a dinosaur playground and giant dinosaur figures, including one of the largest in the world.

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