Marmara Beach in Crete, Greece

The secluded Marmara Bay with its picturesque beach at the exit of the Aradena Gorge is one of the most beautiful spots on Crete and can only be reached by hidden paths or by sea.

The secluded Marmara beach is also called Dialeskari beach and is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Crete. It is completely isolated from civilisation at the end of the Aradena Gorge and is best reached by boat or on foot, there is no road.


Sea caves at Marmara Beach

Marmara Bay in Crete, Greece, gets its name "Marble Beach" from the softly carved rocks and colourful sea caves surrounding it - © Heracles Kritikos / Shutterstock
© Heracles Kritikos / Shutterstock

The Marmara beach consists of many small pebbles that shine in all possible shades under the Mediterranean sun. Sometimes it appears dark, almost black, then again it shimmers in a wonderful light sand colour. It gets its name "Marble Beach" from the softly marked rocks and colourful sea caves in its vicinity, which are well worth a boat trip!

A small taverna in Marmara Bay provides excellent Cretan cuisine for the physical well-being of hikers and bathing holidaymakers. Situated on the rocks a little above the beach, it offers a wonderful view over the beach and the sea. Sun loungers and parasols are also available for rent here.

Tip: If you are planning to dine in Marmara Bay, you should be sure to reserve a table, especially in the high season from June to September! Despite its seclusion, Marmara Beach is usually busy.

How to get to Marmara Beach?

Marmara beach is 85km south of Chania and about 5km west of Loutro and can only be reached on foot or by sea. In the summer months, boats run daily between Loutro and Marmara Bay, the journey takes around 10 minutes.

Most Cretan holidaymakers reach the beautiful Marmara beach at the end of the 4-hour hike through the impressive Aradena Gorge. Hikers on the European long-distance hiking trail E4 also like to make a stopover at the dreamlike beach before continuing on to Loutro via Lykos and Finix.

The small Lykos in the south of Crete, Greece, captivates with complete seclusion and a crystal clear sea, whose tranquility is hardly disturbed - © FRASHO / franks-travelbox
© FRASHO / franks-travelbox

Lykos, by the way, is the nearest village to Marble Bay, from where the walk takes about an hour (along an unsecured coastal path next to which the cliff drops quite steeply into the sea).

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