The 10 most beautiful beaches in Natal

Natal is located on the north-east coast of Brazil and with its breathtaking beaches of white sand, coconut palms and red rock is probably one of the most beautiful places for a beach holiday in Brazil.

The dreamlike dune landscape around Natal is lined with equally dreamlike beaches that stretch for more than 100 kilometres. 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 26°C make Natal the perfect destination for a beach holiday in Brazil.


Our top 10 beaches in Natal are therefore also included in our list of top 10 places to visit in Natal.

Praia Cotovelo and Praia Pirangi

The two beaches of Cotovelo and Pirangi are located near Parnamirim about half an hour's drive south of Natal and are ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Far from the hustle and bustle and noise, the calm sea invites you to a relaxing swim. Snorkellers can explore the underwater world of the Atlantic on the adjacent cliffs.

Tip: In Pirangi you can discover the breathtaking natural wonder of Natal: The largest cashew tree in the world, 500 metres in circumference.

Praia Ponta Negra and Morro do Careca

The 3km long Praia Ponta Negra is the most popular beach in Natal and offers excellent cuisine and a lively nightlife, Brazil - © Vitoriano Junior / Shutterstock
© Vitoriano Junior / Shutterstock

Praia Ponta Negra with the famous Morro do Careca is one of Natal's landmarks. The huge sand dune is THE postcard motif of the city. Praia Ponta Negra is the most popular beach in Natal - parking spaces nearby are always in short supply!

The 120-metre-high sand dune called "Bald Hill" is partly overgrown with vegetation and may not be climbed (anymore). Behind the beach promenade, the charming village of Ponta Negra spreads holiday flair at its best with small flats, clubs and restaurants.

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Along the Via Costeira

The 12-kilometre-long coastal road starts at Praia Ponta Negra and connects all the city beaches of Natal up to Praia Meio. It is actually called Senador Dinarte Mariz Aveneu, but is usually simply referred to as Via Costeira. At its end, the 37m high Mãe Luíza lighthouse rises into the sky.

On one side of Via Costeira are the hotels and restaurants by the sea, on the other side is the Parque das Dunas, whose gentle sand dunes are protected. On foot or by bike, all of Natal's city beaches can be reached via Via Costeira, except for Redinha Beach.


Praia dos Artistas

The Praia dos Artistas on the Avenida Pres. Café Filho used to be a glamorous beach that is now mainly visited by locals. However, there is also tourist infrastructure, such as hotels, bars and restaurants. If you want to stay close to the historic centre of Natal, it is best to take a hotel here.

Praia do Forte

This also applies to Praia do Forte on the avenue of the same name, from which there is a magnificent view of the Ponte de Todos (also Ponte Newton Navarro). The almost 2km long and 100m high bridge connects the north with the east of Natal and is truly a sight worth seeing.

On Praia do Forte lies the Forte dos Reis Magos fortress, which gave the beach its name. This star-shaped fortress is the most important historical building in Natal. Built in 1598 to protect against French pirates, it was one of the most important fortifications in all of Brazil. The fortress can be reached on foot via Praia do Forte.

Praia do Meio

Like Praia dos Artistas, located on Avenida Pres. Café Filho, it is also comparable to it. Before Praia Ponta Negra, it was the most popular beach in Natal, but today the crowds are very limited. Snorkellers and divers will find a colourful underwater world here.


Redinha is the only beach in the northern part of Natal and can be reached via Avenida Dr. João Medeiros Filho. Mainly visited by locals, it is known for its inexpensive restaurants. A platform leads out to sea, from the end of which there is a dreamlike view of the Natal skyline and the Ponte de Todos.

Praia da Genipabu

Around 10 kilometres from Natal, on the beautiful beach of Genipabu, the sound of engines can often be heard. These come from the dune buggies that are on the road in large numbers around Genipabu. Beach holidaymakers should also not be surprised to suddenly encounter camels - they also bring tourists to the dreamlike dune landscape around Genipabu.

Apart from excursions into the sand dunes, the paradisiacal Praia da Genipabu is of course perfect for swimming. The beach stretches up a flat hill and is lined with palm trees and small beach huts. It could hardly be more idyllic!

Praia da Pitangui and Pitangui Lagoon (Lagoa de Pitangui)

About 15 kilometres further north is Pitangui with its equally wonderful beach and its small freshwater lagoon. The best way to get to Pitangui Lagoon is by buggy, because from the coast the path leads a little way through the middle of the dunes.


The small pond, up to 5 metres deep, is ideal for swimming when you have had enough of salt water. Kayak or rowing boat trips and fishing are also possible here. Restaurants and bars serve food typical of the region and freshly caught seafood.

Also extremely popular is the Cachoeirinha de Pitangui a little further north of Pitangui. The "little waterfall" is the ideal children's playground and also has a restaurant. Also nearby is the Lagoa de Pratagy, a picturesque lagoon.

Praia de Jacumã

Just 3 kilometres north of the small waterfall is Praia de Jacumã in the village of the same name. The calm sea is perfect for swimming and splashing around. This is thanks to the offshore reef, which breaks the incoming waves far out.

It is also quiet on the beach itself. Far enough away, you will hardly find any tourists in Jacumã and can enjoy the tropical landscape under palm trees and the fresh fish in the restaurants without any hustle and bustle.

Tip: Action can be found at Lagoa de Jacumã. The freshwater lagoon is another centre for dune buggy rides and also offers opportunities for sandboarding, aerobunda or zip-lining - with or without a final jump into the cool water, depending on your taste.

Praia de Maracajaú

Praia de Maracajaú is located less than an hour's drive north of Natal's centre. With palm trees, white sand, turquoise sea and coral reef, it offers everything you could wish for in a Brazilian beach.

Sunbathing, swimming, beach walks, caipirinhas under palm trees or snorkelling in Brazil's Caribbean - it's hard to get away from here!

Maracajaú Reef

If you are already on the beach of Maracajaú, you should also visit the Parrachos de Maracajaú. The dazzling coral reef is protected and can be reached by catamaran or speedboat.


The Maracajaú Reef is often counted among the best diving spots in Brazil. On an area of around 15 square kilometres, countless corals and colourful fish form a dazzling underwater world.

The reef is about 7 kilometres from the coast and can even be explored by snorkellers at low tide. A floating platform directly on site makes it easy to jump into the cool water.

Tip: If you've had enough of salt water, you can enjoy the water slides, artificial waterfalls and pool bars under palm trees in nearby Manoa Park.

Day trips around Natal

The following beaches are no longer part of the Natal catchment area, but are so gorgeous that they definitely still belong on our list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Natal.

Beach of São Miguel do Gostoso and Parrachos de Perobas

The charming fishing village of São Miguel do Gostoso is around 1.5 hours' drive north of Natal and ideal for a relaxing day at the beach. Here, too, coconut palms, steep rocky cliffs and the light-coloured sand provide a breathtaking bathing backdrop.

If you want to explore Brazil's underwater world, you should plan a detour to the Parrachos de Perobas by speedboat. Countless fish cavort in the crystal-clear water between the colourful corals.

Praia das Cacimbinhas

In the south of Natal, Brazil's coastline continues in a similarly dreamlike manner. Around 1.5 hours south of the centre lies the quiet Praia da Cacimbinhas, perfect for relaxation and recreation. The bright band of sand stretches between reddish cliffs and the turquoise sea over a length of 5 kilometres. Kite surfers and paragliders take advantage of the constant breeze here, and dolphins peep past the beach now and then.

Praia da Pipa

The beaches near Pipa in Brazil are among the most beautiful in all of Brazil - © Eric Gevaert / Shutterstock
© Eric Gevaert / Shutterstock

A few kilometres further south is Praia da Pipa, probably the most beautiful beach in the region and one of our 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The village of Pipa is now a well-known holiday resort. So it's not really quiet here, because no matter if it's high or low season, there' s always something going on in Pipa!


The beautiful beach is bursting with postcard images of a tropical holiday paradise. Praia da Pipa also attracts visitors with a variety of activities, exciting beach parties and excellent gastronomy. It is said that there are more bars and restaurants here than in the whole of Natal.

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