Praia Ponta Negra in Natal, Brazil

Praia Ponta Negra is the most popular beach in Natal. Besides 3km of sandy beach, excellent cuisine and a lively nightlife, it boasts the highest sand dune in Natal.

Praia Ponta Negra is located in the very south of the city and is the most popular city beach in Natal. The sun is almost always shining on Praia Ponta Negra and the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean makes the light-coloured beach the perfect recreational destination.


Its beauty and popularity earned Praia Ponta Negra a place in our Top 10 Sights of Brazil. The 4-kilometre-long beach is also on our lists of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Natal and the 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

Development of Praia Ponta Negra

Until a few decades ago, the few square kilometres of Ponta Negra were populated by workers and fishermen and virtually unknown to tourism. At that time, Praia Meio was the in beach of Natal. It was not until the coastal road was extended in 1990 that foreigners gradually started coming to idyllic Ponta Negra.

However, the real development of Praia Ponta Negra into a tourist magnet began in the early 2000s, when foreign investors, especially Italians and Portuguese, became aware of the picturesque bay. With the foreign money came hotels, restaurants and infrastructure to Ponta Negra and soon the tourists.

Today, Praia Ponta Negra is the most visited beach in Natal and is populated by both locals and tourists.

Places of interest at Praia Ponta Negra

Praia Ponta Negra is about 4 kilometres long and situated in a picturesque bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Bathing mermaids, recreation seekers, surfers and sailors feel right at home here. Children love to climb and surf (without permission) on the dune or go for a ride on the zip line.

23 cameras along the beach ensure the safety of bathers, as prostitution and muggings used to be a problem in Ponta Negra.

Tip: Parking is scarce in Ponta Negra, so take a taxi to the beach if possible, or walk.

Morro de Careca - Natal's highest sand dune

At the southern end of Ponta Negra beach is the striking "Morro de Careca" ("Bald Hill"). At 120 metres, this is the highest dune and most famous tourist attraction in all of Natal.


The attractive combination of sea, beach, greenery and mountain attracts many climbers, although climbing the Morro de Careca is prohibited. But especially children do not respect this prohibition and climb and surf around on the dune.

Beach promenade

To the north of Praia Ponta Negra is the beach promenade Avenida Erivan França, a busy street where you can find lots of restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and shopping galleries.

Ponta Negra

Behind the beach promenade lies the small village of Ponta Negra, which has managed to retain its old-world charm despite the increasing number of visitors. Due to the lack of space, no large hotel complexes could be built and so Ponta Negra's guests find accommodation in small guesthouses and flats. Hotel after hotel has also been built along the road that connects to Avenida Erivan França in the north.

Tip: Ponta Negra is on a hill, so if you have a hotel off Avenida Erivan França, expect a relatively steep climb.

At night, Ponta Negra comes to life and in the many bars and clubs of its streets, tourists and locals swing their legs to the traditional "Forró pé de Serra".