Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The botanical garden, or Jardim Botanico, in Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest gardens in South America and offers visitors an oasis of peace and relaxation in the otherwise noisy Rio de Janeiro.

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is located in the Jardim Botanico district. It is one of our top 10 museums in Rio de Jane iro and top 10 sights in Rio de Janeiro. The easiest way to get there is by taxi from the Copacabana district, as bus connections to the garden are a bit complicated.


The botanical garden, called Jardim Botanico by the locals, was founded in 1801. It is now one of the largest botanical gardens in South America and covers an area of more than 140ha. More than 7,000 plant species can be found in this garden. The botanical garden has received international recognition as a "living museum". UNESCO has designated it a "Biosphere Reserve", the highest level of protection.

You should plan at least one day to visit the garden. Die-hard nature lovers who want to take a closer look at the plants should even take 2 days to absorb all the special features of the Jardim Botanico.

Tip: If it has rained the day before, make sure you wear sturdy shoes, as the footpaths can be a bit muddy in places.

Places of interest in the Jardim Botanico of Rio

Right at the entrance you will be greeted by numerous water turtles. In the middle of the garden are several romantic lakes, on one of which you can see the largest water lily in the Amazon. It is called Vitoria Regia and is one of the many main attractions in the Jardim Botanico. Lovingly designed waterfalls, fountains and water features have been harmoniously integrated into the overall picture of the garden.

Very famous is the avenue of 30-metre-high royal palms. Some of these palms date back to the original founding period. You will also find some greenhouses, one of which houses carnivorous plants.

Beautifully landscaped rose gardens and orchidaria bring you closer to the fragrance and beauty of the plant world. Here you will find a true oasis where you can relax a little from the noisy and hectic environment of Rio.

In addition to the plant diversity, you can also visit the National Museum from the imperial era and an old powder factory in the garden. Animal lovers don't miss out either: there is also a zoo with over 2,500 animal species.