Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, Austria and Hungary

Lake Neusiedl with its surrounding area in northern Burgenland is a nature reserve with a variety of rare plant and animal species. At the same time, it serves visitors as a recreation and water sports destination with over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year.

Lake Neusiedl and the Seewinkel region to the south in Burgenland are among the most beautiful landscapes in the country and therefore also one of our top 10 sights in Austria. Whether as a family or as a couple, for sports enthusiasts, culturally interested or simply seeking relaxation, there is something for everyone in the Neusiedlersee region.


The lake itself and the surrounding areas are a fascinating nature reserve, which has been managed as a national park since 1992 and has been on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List since 2001.

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Almost like at the sea

Lake Neusiedl and the surrounding area in northern Burgenland with its reed belt is a nature reserve with a variety of rare plant, animal and bird species, Austria - © Bertl123 / Shutterstock
© Bertl123 / Shutterstock

One fifth of Lake Neusiedl also lies on Hungarian territory and has an area of almost 320 square kilometres, of which almost half is the surrounding reed belt. Seen from the right point, water and sky touch on the horizon. Like Lake Balaton in neighbouring Hungary, for example, it is one of the few steppe lakes in Europe with a maximum depth of 1.8 metres.

More than 40 mammal and about 300 bird species have found their habitat there. A variety of fish and reptiles also feel right at home in the shallow water.

Leave nature alone: The landscape around Lake Neusiedl is protected. Locals and national park staff are meticulous about observing it. Anyone who picks flowers or disturbs the animals significantly can expect to pay very high fines.

Recreation and sports on Lake Neusiedl

In winter, Lake Neusiedl often freezes over completely for weeks and becomes an almost endless natural ice rink, Austria - © Volker Schnaebele / Shutterstock
© Volker Schnaebele / Shutterstock

Thanks to the mild climate and over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, Lake Neusiedl is a paradise not only for flora and fauna. Several cycling, walking and riding trails lead around the lake. Sailors, rowers, surfers and other water sports enthusiasts cavort on and under its surface.

Due to the shallow depth of the lake, the water temperature can rise to 30°C on hot days, the average water temperature is over 20°C. This makes it one of the most popular bathing lakes in Austria. In winter, it often freezes over completely for weeks and becomes an almost endless natural ice-skating rink.


Wine and "Jausn" on Lake Neusiedl

The evaporation from Lake Neusiedl during the hot months also favours the grape harvest, so that the wines from Northern Burgenland are among the best in the world. So if you have had enough of observing nature or swimming, you would be well advised to stop at a "Heurigen" and sample the local food and drink.

Those who love the rustic should visit a "Buschenschank". In this location, which is usually only open seasonally, you can taste drinks and cold dishes. The prerequisite is that the owning farmer has produced the products himself. Typical dishes are the "Brettljausn" (ham, meat, bread and spreads served on a wooden board), homemade pastries and of course all kinds of wine, must and juices.

Culture on Lake Neusiedl

Forchtenstein Castle is one of the most popular excursion destinations around Lake Neusiedl, Austria - © fritz16 / Shutterstock
© fritz16 / Shutterstock

The area around Lake Neusiedl also has a lot to offer culturally. From the Lake Festival in Mörbisch or the Opera Festival in St. Margarethen to Forchtenstein Castle and Esterhazy Castle in Eisenstadt, there is plenty to discover and visit.

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