These five traditional casinos and casinos are worth a visit

A visit to the casino is always an experience, full of elegant ambience and tingling excitement. Even nicer, of course, if the gambling evening takes place in the course of a city trip.

Casino lovers from all over the world know those memorable trips where the holiday photo not only shows the casino from the outside, but also from the inside. But which casinos in Europe are really worth a city break?


The Baden-Baden Casino

Since the early days of gambling in Baden-Baden, the casino is located in the Kurhaus, Germany - © pure-life-pictures /
© pure-life-pictures /

Cities were once built from a central location. This is still true of Baden-Baden today, because while in the vernacular all roads lead to Rome, in Baden-Baden most roads lead to the Kurhaus. The guide on names the Baden-Baden casino as one of the most interesting in Germany.

The most prominent sights are also located at the Kurhaus:

  • Kurhaus - since the early days of gambling in Baden-Baden, the casino has been based in the Kurhaus. Today, of course, the building has been restored, but the Casino Baden-Baden is still based there. In addition to gambling, it offers various themed halls where concerts, performances or even weddings take place. A quality restaurant spoils you with excellent cuisine.
  • Kurpark - the centre, the Kurhaus, has always served the purpose of recreation in the spa town. So it is no wonder that a striking park was laid out around the house. It is worth taking a longer walk, because the outbuildings are also extremely worth seeing.
  • Racecourse - if you want to bet on a horse instead of red or black, the Baden-Baden racecourse is the place to be. Even those who don't bet should pay it a visit, because where high society meets, the eye is offered a lot.

Casino Monte Carlo

The legendary Monte Carlo Casino in the Principality of Monaco is one of the most famous casinos in the world - © Veniamin Kraskov / Fotolia
© Veniamin Kraskov / Fotolia

Monte Carlo's narrow streets and long tunnel are a familiar sight to every travel enthusiast and are also known worldwide through the traditional Formula 1 races at the Circuit de Monaco - as is Monte Carlo's casino. The casino of Monaco was built in 1958 and is considered one of the most famous gaming venues in the world.

Directly across the street is a beautiful African-style garden. Besides the casino, these Monte Carlo attractions should not be missed:

  • Hotel de Paris - it is located right next to the casino and impresses with its magnificent façade.
  • Café de Paris - this is also located by the casino and was built in 1988 on the model of a bistro from Paris. The panorama terrace is an unmissable highlight.
  • Cityscape - unfortunately, the wealth has damaged the cityscape, as the houses are considered modern but not beautiful. Nevertheless, it is fun to stroll through the alleys and catch a whiff of this exclusivity.

Casino Lisboa

Portugal's capital Lisbon is worth a visit for many reasons. Lisbon's casino only opened in 2006 and is amazing from an architectural point of view. Glass facades dominate the front, live bands inside every night. The casino's lounge is the attraction of the local nightlife. Those who want to gamble can try their luck here as early as 3 pm.

Even in winter, the weather invites you to take a gamble and discover grandiose sights - best of all with the Electrico 28. The world famous Tram No. 28 transports its passengers on adventurous routes through narrow alleys and steep hills in the most beautiful quarters of the city.

Lisbon from above can be enjoyed at the Castelo de Sao Jorge. The fortress, built well before the 11th century, rests high above the city. It offers a wonderful view over the roofs of Lisbon and allows visitors to trace the history of the fortress.


Casino in Enghien-les Bains, Paris

The city of love, Paris, is a popular holiday destination not only for couples. The city tells a story at almost every metre and offers an interesting sight at every turn. The huge casino of Paris is not in the city centre, but in Enghien-les-Bains. There are five hundred slot machines and around forty gaming tables offering roulette, blackjack and poker.

At the weekend, the "casino city" is considered a retreat for Parisians, because visually it also has a lot to offer thanks to many parks and the modern ambience. Away from the well-known monuments, smaller, no less beautiful attractions also await visitors:

  • Statue of Liberty - it exists not only in New York, but also in Paris. She stands on the Ile aux Cygnes, an island in the Seine, and stretches her arm up into the air, facing west.
  • Musée Carnavalet - it is the Parisian city museum and trumps besides exhibitions with many free arts. Its magnificent garden is particularly worth seeing.

Casino Vienna

In one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, the Palais Esterhazy, is the casino in Vienna, Austria - © ifeelstock /
© ifeelstock /

Coffeehouse culture, castles, a beautiful city centre: Vienna spoils its visitors' palates and eyes with far more than just a treat. The casino is located in one of the city's most beautiful buildings, the Palais Esterhazy. It is located directly on one of the most popular shopping streets in the heart of Vienna and combines history with modernity.

Inside, the casino has been renovated in stages over the past few years to create an almost unique ambience. Visitors can play at numerous tables on two floors, but also test out the many slot machines.

Several Viennese sights are located in the immediate vicinity of the casino and are well worth a visit before or after the game:

  • Kärntner Street - The casino is located directly on Kärntner Straße, which is populated around the clock thanks to numerous cafés and shopping opportunities. Particularly famous is the Hotel Sacher, world-famous for its wonderfully chocolatey Sacher cake.
  • Opera - As one of the first buildings erected on the historic Ringstrasse under Emperor Franz Josef, the Vienna State Opera is one of the best and most traditional opera houses in the world.
  • Karlskirche - the magnificent church right next to the State Opera House is considered, along with Schönbrunn Palace, to be a masterpiece by the architect Fischer von Erlach and is one of Vienna's most famous landmarks.