Black Sea Gold Coast, Bulgaria

The Gold Coast on the Black Sea in Bulgaria enchants vacationers with its shimmering golden sandy beach and delights party animals with its numerous pubs and affordable prices.

The Gold Coast is located in Bulgaria on the Black Sea and has become a popular party destination for young vacationers in recent years. Almost uninhabited until 1950, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is hardly recognizable today. The magnificent coastal strip is one of our top 10 sights of Bulgaria.


What is the best way to get to Gold Beach?

The Gold Coast is located about 18 kilometers north of the Bulgarian city of Varna and is almost 4 kilometers long and about 100 meters wide. The Gold Coast has been named after its fine, golden sand for centuries, the Bulgarians call it "Slatni pjasazi" ("Golden Sands"). It can be reached by cab from Varna airport and railroad station.

Tip: Public buses are recommended only for experts, as the bus drivers usually speak only Bulgarian. If you are traveling on your own, you can inquire whether a tour operator's transfer bus will take you to the Gold Coast.

The village of Slatni Pjasazi is located directly on the Gold Coast. It serves exclusively for tourism, except for a small orthodox chapel there are only buildings for the vacationers. Even the employees in the numerous hotels and restaurants all live outside the village. Roads and public parking are rare in Slatni pjasazi, the municipality wants to preserve the green, pedestrian atmosphere of the Gold Coast.

Vacation on the Gold Coast

Water sports on the Bulgarian Gold Coast in high season - © Sven Käppler / Fotolia
© Sven Käppler / Fotolia

The beach promenade is lined with one 4- or 5-star hotel after the next, with lively bars and trendy discos in between. Entertainment is provided by casinos, shopping malls, sports studios, a riding school and the "Aquapolis" water park.

Those seeking relaxation can enjoy their vacation at one of the spa resorts or on one of the three 18-hole golf courses. Towering over the entire scenery is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, which was completed in 2007 and includes a tower restaurant.

Tip: Especially in the restaurants and bars there is an excellent price-performance ratio, which is why the Gold Coast is often called a low-cost Ibiza. To dine all-inclusive in the hotel is almost a pity, because there is rather simple food and local drinks.

From the shopping facilities you can see that the Gold Coast is strongly focused on the German market. Besides the usual beach stores, there are several grocery chains with the familiar sounding names "Sparm", "Lidi", "Renny", "Kaufenland" and "Aldo".

Also for the German-speaking visitors is the BB magazine, which is available free of charge in the hotels. It offers current information about events on the Gold Beach and news from the nearby surroundings. In addition to German-speaking guests, vacationers from Romania, Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Scandinavia, France and Israel also find their way to the Gold Coast.

Party on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has been home to Bulgaria's biggest party mile since 2004; party animals can choose their favorite dance bar from ten different discos right on the beach. Ballermann stars such as Jürgen Drews, Markus Becker or Mickie Krause heat up the atmosphere even more with their performances during the peak season between June and August. No wonder that the Bulgarian Gold Coast is known in German-speaking circles as "Ballermann am Balkan" or "Mallorca ofthe East".


If you want to be reminded of your homeland even abroad and you are from the German-speaking area, you are in good hands at the disco "Roxy". Here you can find German guests as well as German party hits. Those who like design, glamour and techno music should not miss the disco "Arrogance", gogo girls and somewhat higher drink prices are in the PR club Admiral directly on the beach.

For real night birds, the in-disco "Papaya" is just right, here the action is still going on when it is already quieter elsewhere in the early morning hours. International DJs and a wide variety of hits provide proper dance music for up to 600 party animals at the "Bonkers" disco.

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