Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island is located in eastern Canada and is considered a quiet, relaxing holiday paradise. Its landscape is extremely attractive and it has a lot to offer in terms of culture, cuisine and history. Prince Edward Island is also a golfer's paradise.

Prince Edward Island is a small, quiet holiday paradise in eastern Canada, southwest of Newfoundland in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. A green, gentle place for anyone seeking rest and relaxation.


With a length of 224km, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. It is named after Queen Victoria's father and was originally populated by the Mi'kmaq or their predecessors. The Mi'kmaq very appropriately named the idyllic island "Abegweit" - "land that the waves sway". A minority of the so-called "First Nations" still lives on Lennox Island, for example, and the museum there introduces visitors to their culture.

In 1534, Prince Edward Island was discovered by the French navigator Jaques Cartier and settled by Frenchmen in the 18th century. In 1783, Prince Edward Island went to Great Britain in the Peace of Paris and the land was raffled off to Englishmen and Scots, later Irishmen were also attracted. For a short time, the island was even called New Ireland, but this was quickly changed again by the British government. The resulting Celtic influence on Prince Edward Island is undeniable to this day.

Connection to the mainland: Since 1997, the only way to reach the mainland is via the Confederation Bridge, which is almost 13 km long. Rail transport has been discontinued since 1989. The airport in Charlottetown offers the possibility of domestic flights.

Nature, Culture, Literature on Prince Edward Island

An old homestead from around 1700 on Prince Edward Island, Canada - © onepony / Fotolia

Already in the 20th century, Prince Edward Island lived from agriculture, fishing and tourism. In 1937, the Prince Edward Island National Park was founded, which protects mainly beaches and freshwater wetlands on an area of about 22 square kilometres.

In addition to lots of nature, the national park is also home to the Anne of Green Gable House and Museum. The author Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote this children's book in 1908, which is set on Prince Edward Island and has a worldwide following.

The island thrives on music, theatre and arts and crafts. This is of course most likely to be experienced on the south coast in the capital Charlottetown, founded in 1765, and its two suburbs Cornwall and Stratford.

The capital has historical background for Canada - it was here at Province House that the founding fathers laid the foundation stone for the Confederation of Canada at the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, which Prince Edward Island joined 9 years later.


For those interested in history, the interactive Founders' Hall Museum is open from May to October. Charlottetown also has two cathedrals, a university and several Victorian houses.

Sun, Beach and More

As an island, Prince Edward Island naturally has a lot to offer in terms of maritime pleasures. Endless beaches and sand dunes await those seeking relaxation or water lovers and allow for romantic evening walks in the sunset. The coast of Basin Head on the eastern tip is considered the most beautiful beach on Prince Edward Island.

A coastal tour along the crescent-shaped island is just as much an option as a short stop in one of the cosy restaurants to savour the culinary benefits of the proximity to the sea. The lobster and oysters in particular enjoy an excellent reputation.

The cute fishing village of Victory-by-the-Sea is particularly suitable for this. The west coast is known for its lighthouses, the east for its picturesque sand dunes and the southeast for its seal colonies.

Golf Paradise

Prince Edward Island is not without reason called the "Garden of Golf". Due to the extremely pleasant climate with average temperatures between -8 and 23°C, golf is in season in high summer. The backdrop of rolling green hills, white beaches and the deep blue sea in the background makes every golfer's heart beat faster.

In the small town of Summerside there is a museum about the silver fox industry and something to learn about shipbuilding, as well as a beautiful waterfront. Especially in the summer, there is a lot of music and partying.

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