The 10 most worth seeing mini-countries in the world

Do you want your next holiday destination to be small and manageable? Here are the best mini-destinations for short breaks around the world.

Our top 10 holiday destinations are either packed with culture and history or are far from civilisation - for the perfect relaxing holiday.



St. Peter's Basilica in the Roman city-state of Vatican City at dusk - © James Camel / franks-travelbox
© James Camel / franks-travelbox

The Vatican, the famous city-state in the middle of Rome, is best known as the seat of the Pope and the site of the largest Catholic church, St Peter's Basilica. Where the famous Swiss Guard with its striking uniforms stands guard, the Vatican Museums are also home to one of the most important art collections in the world.

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San Marino

The Guaita defence tower sits enthroned on Mount Titano and has protected San Marino since the 11th century - © Caminoel / Shutterstock
© Caminoel / Shutterstock

The dwarf state of San Marino is also located in Italy and can be explored by car in a single day. Worth seeing in Europe's third smallest country is above all the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage city of Città di San Marino. It is located on the prominent Mount Titano, at the foot of which lies Borgo Maggiore with a traditional market and the country's only heliport.

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The central Place Guillaume II with the equestrian statue of William II, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg in the 19th century - © MihaiBogdanLazar/Shutterstock
© MihaiBogdanLazar/Shutterstock

Between Europe's travel giants Germany and France, little Luxembourg is like a spot on the map, yet it has plenty to offer in the way of impressive fortresses and idyllic natural landscapes.

Luxembourg City in particular is worth a visit! There are atmospheric squares, majestic churches and the mysterious casemates that once made Luxembourg City one of the best fortified cities in Europe.

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Gutenberg Castle rises picturesquely above the municipality of Balzers on its approximately 70m high castle hill and is considered a landmark of the town, Liechtenstein - © MajusC00L / Fotolia
© MajusC00L / Fotolia

Liechtenstein between Austria and Switzerland is also easy to overlook with a quick glance at the globe. The historic buildings in Vaduz, the capital of the small principality, are just as inviting for a stroll as the dreamlike mountain landscape in their surroundings.

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The Palais Princier is enthroned on the rock "Le Rocher" in the old town of Monaco and is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco - © maxbaer / Fotolia
© maxbaer / Fotolia

Better known, better visited and above all more expensive than Liechtenstein is the sophisticated principality of Monaco. The world's high society meets on the dreamlike south coast of France with magnificent yachts and fast cars.

Speaking of fast cars, the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco has become a cult event. If you want to increase (or decrease) your vacation funds, you can try your luck in Monte Carlo's noble casino.

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The Blue Lagoon, is a gorgeous bay in the west of the island of Comino and is only one to three metres deep, Malta - © esinel_888 / Fotolia
© esinel_888 / Fotolia

The tiny island in the south of Sicily is barely larger than the islands of Greece or Croatia and yet is completely independent. On Malta, you'll be tempted by beautiful beaches with azure Mediterranean waters, the charming capital Valetta and mysterious cultural sites that are several thousand years old.

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View of the picturesque town of Hillsborough on Carriacou Island, Grenada - © Pawel Kazmierczak / Shutterstock
© Pawel Kazmierczak / Shutterstock

Grenada is also a picturesque island, but it is located in the wonderful climes of the Caribbean. Apart from its picture-book beaches of white sand and coconut palms, the fragrant "Spice Island" offers imposing forts with stunning views, ornate 19th-century architecture, and fabulous hiking trails through Grand Etang National Park.


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The widely scattered islands of Tuvalu's Funafuti Atoll in the South Pacific offer sun, beach, sea and guaranteed seclusion from any civilisation - © photogerson / Shutterstock
© photogerson / Shutterstock

There are hardly any sights, but breathtaking beaches and not a soul to be found on the South Sea island of Tuvalu. The untouched archipelago east of Fiji is one of the most secluded countries in the world. Surrounded by coconut trees, tropical fish and turtles, this paradise is the best place to completely switch off and find yourself on vacation.

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The Església De Sant Esteve in Andorra la Vella is one of the most beautiful sights of the Andorran capital - © Valery Bareta / Fotolia
© Valery Bareta / Fotolia

Active vacationers are better off in Andorra. In the midst of the mighty Pyrenees lie rugged mountain peaks and green valleys that form an Eldorado for off-road riders, hikers and mountain bikers. Most of the ski resorts in southern Europe can also be found here. But you can also relax in Andorra! Escaldes is home to the Caldea thermal spa, the largest thermal center in southern Europe.

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Prespa National Park in the border triangle of Macedonia, Albania and Greece with its incredibly biodiverse waters of Small and Great Prespa Lakes, Macedonia - © imagesef / Fotolia
© imagesef / Fotolia

Macedonia in the north of Greece is home to one of the most biodiverse wetlands in Europe, the two Prespa Lakes. And tourism in the rest of the country is also mainly geared towards discovering Macedonia's breathtaking landscapes and unspoilt nature, amidst which ancient cities and historic monasteries can be found.

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