About us - how Frank's Travelbox came into being ...

How it all began ....

The first idea for this website was born in 2007. Preparing an individual trip to Oman was very time-consuming. At that time, information on hotels, the country and its people was extremely scarce. In the end, the preparation of the trip was very time-consuming, but the trip to Oman was a great experience.

What remained were the pleasant memories of Oman and the people and an idea: to make the researched travel information available on the web for other interested people, thus making it easier for them to do their own time-consuming research.

This is how we want to support

We want to support the planning and preparation of a trip and save our website visitors time and effort. We provide information on countries and sights in editorially maintained form.

This is how we get our info

  • Experiences from own travels
  • Experiences of travellers we know personally
  • Publicly accessible information collections
  • Internet research (Wikipedia, travel reports, travel blogs, travel forums, ....)
  • Literature research (newspapers, journals, magazines, travel literature, ....)

Our images come from our own travels, from friends, from public sources and from stock agencies.

We are independent

We are neither a tour operator nor a travel agency nor a travel book publisher.

We provide information on countries and places of interest and see ourselves as a supplement to the classic travel guides in paper form to obtain initial information on a country. Our information focuses on interesting sights.

Our visitors book your trip and buy your guide when and where you want.

We provide information on booking options from providers that we recommend - this is to be seen as a service for our readers and, in addition to classic banner advertising, also serves to finance this website.

This is how this website is financed

  • Banner advertising
  • Commissions on flight, tour or hotel bookings via affiliate links from our site
  • Advertising

Who likes our website ...

... can support us in different ways:

  • use our affiliate links to book or buy
  • Recommend us to friends and acquaintances
  • set a link from your own homepage to us
  • give us feedback (praise, blame, suggestions and ......) Contact information.