Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil

The Teatro Amazonas is one of the most beautiful buildings in Manaus. It impresses with its colourful façade and richly decorated interior.

During a city tour through the Brazilian city of Manaus, there are many magnificent buildings to admire. One of the most famous buildings is the Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theatre), one of our top 10 sights in Manaus.


The theatre was opened in 1896 and since then has been lovingly restored again and again to preserve its splendour (the humid climate was particularly hard on its appearance). The colourful, radiant roof dome is a particular highlight. The front view is bursting with columns. Impressive!

Visit to the Teatro Amazonas

The colourful, radiant roof dome of the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil - © guentermanaus / Shutterstock
© guentermanaus / Shutterstock

The theatre is also used as an opera house and has room for almost 700 visitors. Tourists have the option of booking a guided tour of the opera house on site. Guided tours take place from Monday to Saturday.

Tip: Photography in the opera house is only permitted without flash. So either take fast lenses with you or, if necessary, use a tripod. Especially the wonderfully crafted ceiling paintings and stucco work are definitely worth a few photos.

Praça São Sebastião

In front of the Teatro Amazonas is a beautiful square with undulating pavements of white and black stones and a monument in the centre. All around are bars with colourful facades that create the well-known exuberant atmosphere of Brazilian nature, and the Igreja São Sebastião, which is well worth seeing, can also be found here.

By the way, the paving stones of the square are quite something: they were made of a mixture of sand and rubber to reduce the noise of passing horse-drawn carts during the performances.

Film star

The Teatro Amazonas plays an important role in the 1982 film "Fitzcarraldo". The eccentric opera lover Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald wants to recreate it in the Peruvian jungle by any means necessary.