Praia da Pipa near Natal, Brazil

Pipa is located in the south of Rio Grande do Norte and is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Brazil. Today, the former fishing village attracts visitors with dreamlike beaches, breathtaking nature, steep cliffs, excellent gastronomy and a variety of activities.

The beach at Pipa is one of our 10 most beautiful beaches in Natal and Brazil. It is located on the south coast in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte about 90 kilometres south of Natal. Whether it's high or low season, there's always something going on at Praia da Pipa.


Until the 1970s, Pipa was still a nondescript fishing village until its beautiful bay was discovered by backpackers and surfers. They quickly made friends with Pipa's inhabitants and opened their own accommodation and restaurants.

Blessed with an average of 28°C and over 300 days of sunshine a year, Pipa soon became not only the most popular beach in Brazil, but also the most international.

Tip: Pipa is the ideal destination to end an eventful holiday in Brazil. Not too big and not too small, diverse and without safety concerns, Pipa offers an exotic idyll to which one likes to return again and again.

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Getting to Praia da Pipa

The former fishing village of Pipa attracts visitors with its dreamy beaches, steep cliffs, excellent cuisine and diverse leisure activities, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil - © Vitoriano Junior / Shutterstock
© Vitoriano Junior / Shutterstock

The best starting point to get to Pipa beach is Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. Many companies offer day trips to this beautiful beach. If you start in Natal on the convenient BR-101 motorway in the direction of Pipa, you will already get a taste of the fabulous beauty of Praia da Pipa on the way.

The gently curving coastline consists of fine, light sand and nestles in a chain of picturesque bays against 10m high, orange-red cliffs, unusually covered with dense tropical vegetation.

Tip: If you do not drive from Natal to Pipa Beach, but rather take a dune buggy or an off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive, you can take the direct coastal road and save 40 kilometres. Incidentally, this is also the most scenic approach to Pipa.

Welcome to the Brazilian Paradise!

Praia da Pipa, one of the most beautiful beach spots in the world - surf, dolphins, blue sky, sun and sand all year round, Brazil - © Flavio Oliveira / Shutterstock
© Flavio Oliveira / Shutterstock

When you finally arrive at Praia da Pipa, you immediately understand why this is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil . Gentle bays stretch as far as the eye can see, their white sand punctuated by picturesque rocks. Behind the fine sandy strip, orange-red cliffs rise into the sky, sloping steeply down to the beach.

The crystal-clear water is pleasantly warm at 27°C and invites you to bathe and swim, while the surprisingly green surroundings of Pipa, which incidentally is a protected nature reserve, can be explored on walks.


Action or relaxation at Praia da Pipa?

Once you arrive at Praia da Pipa, you immediately understand why this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil - © otorongo / Shutterstock
© otorongo / Shutterstock

Depending on your taste, everyone can find the right bay for them. There are exciting party beaches with boisterous guests and live music as well as paradisiacal relaxation bays where you can only hear the sea roar and, with a bit of luck, dolphins or sea turtles venture close to the beach.

Other activities in Pipa include wild buggy rides or romantic horseback rides in the Brazilian dune landscapes, shopping in the local fashion boutiques, relaxing boat trips and even swimming with dolphins.

Tip: There are treacherous currents at Pipa Beach that swimmers should be particularly wary of. The high waves so beloved by surfers can also be the undoing of many a swimmer.

Praia da Pipa culinary delights

Numerous restaurants, cafés and bars cater for the physical well-being both during the day and at night. It is said that there are more food options here than in the whole of Natal. The excellent Brazilian cuisine is complemented by delicacies from abroad.

So if you get too hot while sunbathing, you can always retreat to the shade with a refreshing caipirinha or a delicious fish dish.

Gourmets should not miss the "Festival Gastronômico de Pipa", which takes place every year in October and during which the chefs of Pipa conjure up the most delicious delicacies. Accompanied by entertaining music, every gourmet gets his money's worth.

Hotels near Praia da Pipa

The south coast around the resort of Pipa consists of a chain of dreamlike bays with orange-red cliffs and lush vegetation - © Vitoriano Junior / Shutterstock
© Vitoriano Junior / Shutterstock

One or two days are hardly enough to fully savour the beauty of Pipa beach and its surroundings. Accommodation options are available directly in Pipa or in the neighbouring town of Tibau do Sul, about 8km from Pipa, most of which are also located on Brazil's gorgeous coast.

Tip: If you want to stay in one of the inns or hotels, you should book early enough, especially in the high season.

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