Tumon, Guam

Lively Tumon, the tourist capital of the South Sea island of Guam, offers excellent beaches and fine restaurants and is also known as the "Paris of the Pacific" because of its exquisite shopping malls.

Tumon on the northwest coast of Guam is the tourist centre of the small island in the Pacific. Here you will find the most beautiful beaches, the most luxurious hotels, the biggest shopping centres and the liveliest nightlife. This beautiful spot is on our list of the top 10 places to visit in the South Pacific.


Tumon Bay

Tumon Bay is also truly one of the most beautiful places Guam has to offer. The turquoise-blue Pacific licks here on snow-white, partly downright forested sandy beaches, which have unfortunately been somewhat disfigured by huge hotel bunkers.

At either end of Tumon Bay rises a spectacular emerald green cliff, one of which is home to the famous Two Lover's Point. From a viewing platform, which can be entered for a few dollars, there is a spectacular panoramic view over the deep blue Pacific and the dreamlike beaches around Tumon.

Legend of Two Lover's Point

The name of Two Lover's Point goes back to an ancient Chamorro legend. According to this legend, the daughter of a rich family was promised by her father to a Spanish captain. However, the daughter fled from the planned wedding and met a Guam man on a secluded beach, with whom she fell head over heels in love. Secretly they began seeing each other until one day they were pursued to the cliff of Two Lover's Point by her father and the Spanish captain with his soldiers. With no way out of their hopeless situation, they knotted their long black hair and jumped off the cliff together into the roaring surf. To this day, Two Lover's Point is a site of romance mixed with a touch of drama. Couples like to use the spectacular spot high above Guam to vow eternal love. Thousands of heart pendants (conveniently available for purchase on site) now adorn the railing of the viewing platform.


The legend of Two Lover's Point tells of a forbidden couple in love who threw themselves off this cliff together, Guam - © IZO / Shutterstock
© IZO / Shutterstock

The most beautiful beaches include Joseph Flores Beach Park, Matapang Beach Park, Naton Beach, Gun Beach and the completely secluded Faifa'i Beach. Tumon's beaches are all protected by an offshore reef and are suitable for bathing and swimming even for small children.

Tip: Tumon Bay is a protected area! Fishing or taking corals or shells is not permitted.

Activities in Tumon

As a "mini-Waikiki", Tumon offers an incredible variety of tourist attractions, be it the largest tunnel aquarium at Hotel Row, the Magic-on-Ice show at Sand Castle, which also has demonstrations with tigers and flamingos, Hawaiian-style fire dances and typical Guam shows.

Shopping enthusiasts will also be delighted. The gigantic Micronesia mall is now home to a Macy's and a well-known food court from the US. Guam's Kmart, open around the clock, can easily keep up with its counterparts on the US mainland.

At night, the hotel complexes in Tumon Bay are spectacularly illuminated and the many restaurants and bars on the beaches entice with music and culinary delights.

History of Tumon

Tumon was already the most important place in Guam when the Spaniards arrived in 1668. The Roman Catholic San Vitores Church on Tumon's main street still commemorates the first missionaries. Diego San Vitores was murdered together with his church servant Pedro Calungsod by the village chief Mata'pang after they had baptised the chief's daughter without permission. A park and a statue still commemorate their violent end.


The Japanese occupation from 1941 to 1944 also left its mark on Tumon. A small tunnel through a rock on the beach, once made by the Japanese, is still visible today.

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