Wadi Shaam in Ras al Khaimah, UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Wadi Shaam in the north of Ras al Khaimah is located in the Hajar Mountains, the border mountain range to the Omani exclave of Musandam, and is characterised by vegetation-free mountains and spectacular steep walls.

Wadi Shaam is located in the United Arab Emirates in the very north of Ras al Khaimah and is one of our top 10 attractions in the United Arab Emirates. By car, Wadi Shaam can be reached in half an hour from Ras al Khaimah city, the capital of the emirate, via the E11.


On the way from Ras al Khaimah to Wadi Shaam, you drive through several small villages (Al Rams, Ghalila), which do not offer any tourist highlights, but reflect very well the typical and still somewhat quieter life in the United Arab Emirates.

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If you want to enjoy the sea without the crowds, you always have the opportunity to drive along the coastline on the spur roads. However, you should not expect any tourist infrastructure, but in return you will get pleasant peace and idyll with partly magnificent views of the Hajar Mountains.

On the way in Wadi Shaam

The rock faces in Wadi Shaam often rise several hundred meters steeply, UAE - © FRASHO / franks-travelbox
© FRASHO / franks-travelbox

There are good roads leading into the wadi, some of them through breathtaking gorges and far into the spectacular mountains. Some adventurous passages, where the track is bordered on the left and right by several hundred metres of steep rock faces, are not for people with claustrophobia.

At the end of the levelled paths, numerous oasis gardens nestle at the foot of the impressive Hajar Mountains, offering unique photo motifs with lush green palm trees in front of mighty scree slopes.

Tip: If you venture onto the tracks through the Hajjar Mountains by off-road vehicle, you will have stunning views from Wadi Shaam, which often reach all the way to the coast.

On the other side of the Hajar Mountains lies Musandam, the exclave of Oman, which is also known for its spectacular rugged mountains and a dreamlike fjord landscape.