Dubai Marina in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates)

The Dubai Marina to the south-east of the city centre is an imposing composition of artificial waterway, sleek yachts and monumental buildings and is worth a visit, especially at night.

At the harbour of Dubai, in the "shadow" of the famous palm island Jumeirah, lies the Marina, not only a district but also a stunning sight of Dubai. It is one of our top 10 sights of Dubai and the top 10 sights of the United Arab Emirates.


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Dubai Marina is located about 25 kilometres southwest of the city centre and leaves every visitor's mouth open in amazement. The magnificent yachts, strung like pearls on the water at the harbour, form a unique sight with the massive skyscrapers around them.

The Dubai Marina is particularly overwhelming at night, when buildings, streets and ships compete in the multiple light of lamps and spotlights.

Places of interest in Dubai Marina

The world's rich and beautiful stroll among the many luxury flats and gourmet restaurants of Dubai Marina, UAE - © Oscity / Shutterstock
© Oscity / Shutterstock

Construction of the marina began in 2003 and, when completed, contained 200 skyscrapers on an area of around 4 square kilometres, in which up to 150,000 people can live. The luxurious residential and office towers are among the largest in the world and form an imposing skyline.

Dubai Marina owes its name to an artificial canal that stretches for 4 kilometres along the waterfront and is home to the Dubai Yacht Club. Numerous restaurants, cafés, a shopping centre and its own metro station make Dubai Marina a city within a city, where the rich and beautiful stroll.

Marina and Dubai Marina Yacht Club

At the foot of Dubai Marina, the man-made waterway is home to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, UAE - © Naufal MQ / Shutterstock
© Naufal MQ / Shutterstock

At the foot of Dubai Marina, in the man-made waterway, is the home of the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. Floating palaces of sheikhs, businessmen and VIPs from all over the world rock in the four marinas.

A stroll along the waterfront reveals all the splendour of the sleek boats and also invites you to dine and shop. Some of the popular dhow trips across the famous Dubai Creek also start here. The world's most beautiful yachts can also be admired in the virtual sailing centre.


Tip: The western part of the marina is probably the best place to experience a spectacular sunset over Dubai and the Gulf in the evening.

Heading north, you will reach "The Walk", the magnificent promenade of Jumeirah Beach, where trendy cafés, first-class gourmet restaurants and elegant shops spread a luxuriously relaxed flair.

Cayan Tower

The elegant 307-metre Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina, UAE, is the world's tallest skyscraper with a 90-degree turn - © Ashraf Jandali / Shutterstock
© Ashraf Jandali / Shutterstock

Striking for its twisted shape, its architecture is also what makes Cayan Tower special. The elegant, 307-metre-high colossus is the world's tallest skyscraper with a 90-degree twist. Together with the skyscrapers in its vicinity, it forms the world's largest block of skyscrapers over 300 metres high.

Princess Tower

Crowned by a golden dome, the Princess Tower in Dubai Marina is the second tallest residential building in the world at 413 metres. It is currently only beaten by the 432 Park Avenue Tower in New York City. But even this record is wavering. With the 516m high Pentomium in Dubai Marina, the title of the tallest residential building is to be brought back to the Arabian Peninsula.

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