Yiti Beach, Oman

The remote coastal town of Yiti Beach in northern Oman boasts a picturesque sandy beach. The beautiful beach of Yiti invites you to camp, stroll and swim and is rarely crowded.

The small coastal town of Yiti or Yitti Beach, about 25 kilometres from Oman's capital Muscat, can be described as anything but lively. Although Yiti Beach is one of our 10 most beautiful beaches in Oman, a few houses, small shops and a school are all there is to see in Yiti Beach.


Construction projects that were supposed to turn Yiti Beach into a tourist destination have all failed. And that is perhaps a good thing. At the moment, all these plans are on hold, but that doesn't mean they can't suddenly be resumed.

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The bay and the beach of Yiti

It is not for nothing that Yiti Beach is named after its idyllic beach. Even before you get there, striking rock formations on the coast shortly after the village of Hamriyah indicate that you are approaching Yiti Beach.

The picturesque bay extends far inland and consists largely of fine, light sand, but there are also rocky stretches of coastline. The beach is lined with small, Omani houses and is rarely crowded. Until a few years ago, Yiti Beach was an absolute insider tip, but unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Swimming and camping at Yiti Beach

The beach at the remote coastal town of Yiti Beach in northern Oman is perfect for swimming - © FRASHO / franks-travelbox
© FRASHO / franks-travelbox

Because of its proximity to Muscat, Yiti Beach is now very popular with both locals and tourists, and the picturesque coastal strip is used for picnics, beach walks and, of course, swimming. However, it is also used - especially on weekends and holidays - as a camping site.

If you have an off-road vehicle with enough ground clearance, you can drive through the partly deep sand to the end of the beach after the last houses of the village. It is usually quiet here and the sea is ideal for swimming. You often meet off-road tourists here, who set up their last night's camp at Yiti Beach before they start their journey home from Muscat by plane.

Other beaches around Yiti Beach

If Yiti Beach is already too busy for you, you can also visit some other beautiful beaches besides Yiti. About 4km before Yiti, there is a turnoff towards Al-Sifah. This road leads to the village of Yankut, whose boats are on dry land at low tide, and a kilometre and a half beyond that is a turnoff to Khor Yankut. The shallow water in this bay is protected from high waves by an offshore island and is ideal for bathing, even for small children. On foot you can find more secluded bays and fantastic snorkelling spots.


The following villages Khayran, Al-Shaikh and Al-Sifah also offer wonderful places by the sea, where you are often still absolutely undisturbed, after some very steep slopes and overwhelming views of the rugged mountains.

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