Fishing village Mughsayl, Oman

At the fishing village of Mughsayl you will find one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Oman, a magnificent lagoon and the famous blow holes, which produce water fountains up to 10 metres high.

The picturesque fishing village of Mughsayl is located in southern Oman about 50 km south of the city of Salalah. It can be reached via national road 47, which leads in the direction of Yemen.


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Photo gallery: Mughsayl beach

Mughsayl Beach

Dreamlike sandy beach near the fishing village of Mughsayl, Oman - © FRASHO, franks-travelbox
© FRASHO, franks-travelbox

Coming from Salalah, the first thing you see is the large picturesque bay with 6 kilometres of gorgeous sandy beach. If you don't take a break here, it's your own fault. Turquoise water, fine white sand - one of our 10 most beautiful beaches in Oman.

Besides sunbathing and swimming, the beach is ideal for an unforgettable walk, preferably barefoot. A few pavilions and artificially planted palm trees break the wide sandy plain. Nevertheless, shade is sparse. So beware of too much sun!

Also beware: During the monsoon (May to October), bathing here - as on all beaches in the region - is life-threatening due to the enormous swells and currents!

Khor Mughsayl Lagoon

During the week, the stunning beach of Mughsayl in southern Oman is mostly deserted - © JurateBuiviene / Shutterstock
© JurateBuiviene / Shutterstock

The lagoon extends west of the village of Mughsayl. Birdwatchers in particular get their money's worth here. If you are lucky, you will see not only the usual ducks and herons, but also the elegant pink flamingos stalking through the water.

Tip: To enjoy the lagoon and the sandy beach almost alone, it is best to come to Mughsayl during the week (which is Sunday to Thursday in Oman).

Blow Holes by Mughsayl

At the western end of Mughsayl Bay, blowholes can be visited from which the water shoots up to 10 metres into the air, Oman - © Ondrej Vavra / Shutterstock
© Ondrej Vavra / Shutterstock

The path to the famous Blow Holes leads from the car park over a wooden footbridge, past a huge overhanging rock onto a flat dark rock plateau. The Blow Holes are located at the western end of the bay and are formed by the surge of the sea against or under the coast. The rock plateau has been eroded and hollowed out by the sea over the millennia.

The surf presses air and spray out through holes in the ground of different sizes - which makes itself felt in a more or less loud gurgling and rattling. If the surf is strong enough, water fountains shoot out up to 10 metres high - but the 10 metres are only reached during the monsoon season.


Mughsayl's blowholes are also home to the only restaurant in the area (Mughsayl Beach Restaurant). If you're unlucky and catch a windless day with a glassy sea - which is rare - you'll have to settle for the gorgeous panorama of coast and sea.

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