"The Pearl" in Doha, Qatar (Qatar)

"The Pearl" is an artificially raised island in Qatar off the capital Doha. The luxury domicile offers everything the real estate heart desires for the rich and beautiful of the world.

"The Pearl is an artificial island off the coast of Qatar and the counterpart to the famous artificial island of Dubai,The Palm Jumeirah. The island is located about 11 kilometres northeast of the centre of Qatar's capital Doha and is one of our top 10 sights in Qatar.


The name "The Pearl" was chosen because the island was built on one of the last large pearl diving sites. In the meantime, the pearls come much more cheaply from Asian farms.

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The properties on "The Pearl" are some of the most exclusive and charming in the Arab region. Construction of the island began in 2004 with a budget of 8 billion dollars, ultimately costing almost double.

The island was created from rubble, gravel and sand and reaches an area of 5.5 by 3.6 kilometres. On 13 islands, there are 32 kilometres of artificially created coastline - 20 kilometres of which are fine sandy beaches.

Arabian Riviera in Qatar

At 4 marinas, "The pearl" accommodates hundreds of sleek yachts, Doha, Qatar - © Sophie James / Shutterstock
© Sophie James / Shutterstock

"The Pearl", also called the "Arabian Riviera", has become a completely self-sufficient luxury domicile whose 12 areas each feature different architectural styles. Thus, Venetian bridges and Andalusian mansions can be found on the artificial island in the Persian Gulf.

Among other things, luxury hotels, luxury villas, terraced houses and apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and, of course, a spacious shopping mall have been built on "The Pearl". To ensure that no one goes hungry, there are of course plenty of restaurants. Hundreds of sleek yachts can be accommodated at 4 marinas.

One of the most spectacular residential addresses in the world

View of the marina and residential buildings on Pearl Island in Doha, Qatar - © Kirill Neiezhmakov / Shutterstock
© Kirill Neiezhmakov / Shutterstock

The islets of "Isola Dona" each have 18,000 square metres of their own land, complete with picture-book beach and their own harbour entrance for the yacht, of course. The nine private islands are advertised as one of the most spectacular addresses in the world.


The target group for the project is primarily wealthy buyers from the Gulf states, but of course all foreigners whose wallets are big enough. Unlike in Dubai, foreigners in Qatar receive a land registry entry and thus also legal security with regard to their property rights.

"The Pearl", also called the "Arabian Riviera", has become a completely self-sufficient luxury domicile in Doha, Qatar - © Sven Hansche / Shutterstock
© Sven Hansche / Shutterstock

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