Cultural Village Katara, Qatar (Qatar)

The Katara Cultural Village north of Doha is Qatar's largest cultural project and attracts visitors with its beautiful traditional architecture, diverse exhibitions and numerous leisure activities.

The cultural village of Katara, between Doha's centre and the artificial island world of "The Pearl", is one of the main attractions near Qatar's capital. Covering an area of 100 hectares, Katara offers architectural jewels, colourful rows of houses, art galleries, a modern amphitheatre, a mosque, an opera, the Katara Art Center, a cinema, a souq for handicrafts and numerous international cafés and restaurants. The colourful conglomeration is one of our top 10 sights of Qatar.


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Emergence of Katara

The cultural village of Katara emphasises the importance of all traditional cultures worldwide, here an exquisite mix of Greek and Arabic - © Philip Lange / Shutterstock
© Philip Lange / Shutterstock

Katara, by the way, the old name for today's Qatar, was born out of a vision of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, who wanted to establish his country as the "cultural beacon" of the Middle East in terms of theatre, literature, art, music and exhibitions. All these themes are also highly represented in the traditionally Qatari village of Katara.

Katara opened in October 2010 as part of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. This marked the realisation of Qatar's largest and most comprehensive cultural project. As a centre of encounter and discovery of cultures around the globe, Katara emphasises the importance of all traditional cultures worldwide.

Today, Katara is known and loved for its nightlife. During the day, it is best to stroll through the magnificent architectural monuments of Katara or relax on the wonderful beach of Katara.

Katara beach

The beautiful Katara beach in Doha, with modern hotels in the background, Qatar - © Paul Cowan / Shutterstock
© Paul Cowan / Shutterstock

The extensive beach of Katara stretches across a dreamlike bay and offers spectacular panoramic views over the striking skyline of Doha and the artificial island world "The Pearl" with its imposing skyscrapers. Numerous activities for children and water sports are guaranteed to keep you entertained on Katara beach.

There is a charge for entry to the beach, and in addition to swimming costumes (no bikinis!), shorts are obligatory for women.

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