Corniche of Doha, Qatar (Qatar)

Doha's 7km-long Corniche is considered one of the most beautiful beach promenades in the Middle East, with its expansive green spaces, shady palm trees, turquoise sea and stunning skyscrapers in the background.

The approximately 7-kilometre-long beach promenade in the Qatari capital Doha stretches along the city's crescent-shaped bay from the striking Museum of Islamic Art in the south to the pyramid-shaped Sheraton Hotel in the north. In the morning, the Corniche is populated by joggers; in the evening, more and more recreation-seekers come to the cool shores of the Persian Gulf. The magnificent coastal strip is one of our top 10 sights of Qatar.


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Sights on the Doha Corniche

The beach promenade of Doha is lined with restaurants and sights and therefore usually full of people. In the 1970s and 1980s, the building boom on Doha's Corniche began, which has not completely died down to this day.

Huge skyscrapers, gigantic luxury hotels, sprawling parks, excellent eateries and fantastically shaped buildings form the backdrop of the palm-fringed promenade. This is also the place from where you can sail into the spectacular sunset in a dhow, the traditional wooden boat.

Both locals and visitors enjoy the overwhelming ambience of the Corniche during a leisurely stroll under palm trees, especially in the cooler evening and night hours.

Museum of Islamic Art

Those who have the opportunity should not miss a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art in the evening or at night. Doha, Qatar/Qatar - © FRASHO / franks-travelbox
© FRASHO / franks-travelbox

The Museum of Islamic Art at the southern end of the Corniche is one of the most important art museums on the Arabian Peninsula. The striking building designed by star architect Ieoh Ming Pei already hints at the treasures hidden inside. The exhibitions are conceived as a journey through time, countries and cultures, presented in a noble ambience of the finest materials and subtle architecture.

By the way, on the way from the Museum of Islamic Art to Doha' s Corniche, you pass the striking roundabout with the water jugs. If you turn left between the roundabout and the car park, you will reach the Souq Waqif and the strikingly shaped FANAR, Qatar's Islamic cultural centre.

Arumaila Park

Rumaila Park is located in the centre of Doha's Corniche on the street of the same name and offers wonderful views of the harbour, Qatar - © Sophie James / Shutterstock
© Sophie James / Shutterstock

The idyllic Arumaila Park is located in the centre of the Corniche on the street of the same name and merges seamlessly with Al-Bidda Park to the north. In the sweltering heat of Doha, the cooling green spaces and clean air are a welcome area for relaxing walks or leisurely picnics.


The pleasant atmosphere of the park is enjoyed by Qataris especially on Fridays and evenings. With numerous shops, excellent restaurants and quiet cafés, various playgrounds, a Ferris wheel, water games and a half pipe for rollerblades and skateboards, Arumaila Park has something to offer for young and old.

From the hill of the clock tower next to the old mosque you have a wonderful view over the Corniche and the harbour of Doha, Qatar - © Paul Cowan / Shutterstock
© Paul Cowan / Shutterstock

Clock tower

The clock tower is located at the nearest roundabout along Doha Bay right next to the old Doha Mosque. The clock face of the historic clock tower has Arabic numerals. From its hill you have a wonderful view over the Corniche and Doha Harbour.


Diwan Emiri (Palace of the Emir)

The Diwan Emiri, just near the Clock Tower, is the residence of the reigning Emir of Qatar, ruler of the country. The palace was inaugurated in 1989 and forms an interesting mixture of tradition and modernity. In the midst of lush greenery, the latest building materials were used here for classical Arabian architecture.

At night, the Diwan Emiri shines brightly over the Corniche. Today, the palace serves more often as a reception building than as a residence.

National Theatre

The National Theatre of Doha is located on the harbour promenade next to Arumaila Park. It was inaugurated in 1982 with 500 seats. In 2004, both the auditorium and the stage were generously renovated.

Dubai Towers

Including the antenna, the Dubai Towers in Doha are to reach a height of 437 metres, making them Qatar's tallest building - © PlusONE / Shutterstock
© PlusONE / Shutterstock

The Dubai Towers are already located on the northern edge of the Corniche. Including the antenna, the complex is to reach a height of 437 metres, making it Qatar's tallest building. The construction site was taken over by Sama Dubai, a company of Dubai Holding, which also commissioned the Dubai Towers on Dubai Creek.

However, the costs for the 84-storey giant with 620 million US dollars were no longer affordable after the financial crisis in Dubai and the construction work - like at Dubai Creek - was stopped for the time being.

When completed, Dubai Towers will have 13 floors for a five-star hotel, 29 floors for office space and 31 floors for flats and 3 super-luxurious penthouse suites.


Sheraton Park

The striking Sheraton Hotel marks the northern end of Doha's Corniche and is surrounded by the idyllic Sheraton Park, Qatar - © Paul Cowan / Shutterstock
© Paul Cowan / Shutterstock

Sheraton Park is located at the north end of the Corniche next to the hotel of the same name and separates the harbour promenade from Doha's financial district. It is one of the oldest parks in the city and is extremely popular with joggers due to its running tracks, especially in the morning. Once a week, the Doha Bay Runners Club meets here for training runs.

The little ones will enjoy children's playgrounds and the grown-ups free wi-fi access under palm trees. A huge underground car park with around 2,000 parking spaces is being built under the green spaces.

Burj Doha (Burj Qatar)

Behind the Sheraton Park, the phallus-shaped Burj Doha rises into the sky. The 46-storey building was completed in 2012 under the direction of French architect Jean Nouvel. At night, its façade is staged with fantastic light shows.

Msheireb Enrichment Centre

The Msheireb Enrichment Center at the northern end of Doha's Corniche can be seen as a history museum, but it also deals with Qatar's fascinating present and ambitious future. The elongated, snow-white building is located on an artificial island in Doha Bay. Especially at night, the wonderfully illuminated complex is an impressive sight.