Snorkel Park Beach, Bermuda

Snorkel Park Beach on the westernmost tip of the Caribbean island of Bermuda offers visitors not only snorkelling pleasure, but also a variety of other action-packed water sports activities with a huge fun factor.

If you imagine the Caribbean island of Bermuda like a fishhook, Snorkel Park Beach is at its very tip. Almost hidden behind the historic site of the Royal Naval Dockyard and accessible through a limestone tunnel is the fine sandy beach with the most fun factor in Bermuda. Plenty of activities can be done here in front of, in and under the water.


Activities at Snorkel Park Beach

Of course, snorkelling excursions to the coral reef just a few metres from the coast are the main activity. The shallow water offers ideal conditions even for snorkelling beginners, snorkelling courses teach the art of underwater observation and there are even marked snorkelling trails and underwater signposts. Suitable equipment can also be purchased or borrowed on site. Besides the colourful corals, there are schools of colourful parrot fish, surgeon fish, angelfish, snapper fish and many more to see.

Tip: If possible, bring your own snorkelling equipment, then you can save up to $10 on the rental fee.

From the beach, you can not only enjoy the vastness of the sea, but also watch arriving cruise ships anchoring in the bay.

For action lovers, a 90-minute Jet Ski Safari is highly recommended. In groups, you explore the western tip of Bermuda on the fast speedsters - a crazy feeling to jet over the waves at high speed! The Jet Ski Safari routes take you to some of Bermuda's most unspoilt spots, where you can enjoy the beauty of the island undisturbed. You will also pass the Somerset Bridge, the smallest drawbridge in the world, located at the entrance to historic Ely's Harbour.

The shipwreck "The Vixen", sunk in the 1890s, is populated by huge schools of fish, Bermuda - © Julie Fine / Shutterstock
© Julie Fine / Shutterstock

The next destination is the shipwreck "The Vixen", which sank in the 1890s and is populated by huge schools of fish. Besides the rush of speed and the breathtaking scenery of the open sea, rays, sea turtles and herons can also be spotted. No previous experience is necessary.

If the jet skis are too fast for you, you can try a less exuberant but equally romantic tour from one picturesque bay to the next in a 2-man kayak or rowing boat.

Hammerheads Bar & Grill offers local dishes and exotic cocktails, while Club SPB is the place to go for a night of fun. Scattered along the beach are umbrellas with tables and chairs where you can enjoy fresh fish and cocktails and the breathtaking sunset. Comfortable loungers and resting places that look like four-poster beds are an invitation to relax and unwind.

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