Masurian Lake District, Poland

The breathtaking nature of the Masurian Lake District is best discovered on hiking trails, by bike or by houseboat.

The Masurian Lake District is a fantastic scenic gem in the northeast of the country and is one of our top 10 places to visit in Poland. Covering an area of 52,000 square kilometers, vast numbers of meltwater lakes of various shapes and sizes have formed here over millennia in the glacial moraine landscape.


The area has excellent tourist facilities, is considered the most popular resort in Poland and is one of the most visited lake areas in Central Europe.

About 40% of the Masurian Lake District is protected in order to preserve its unique flora and fauna. A UNESCO biosphere reserve was established near the town of Mikołajki (Nikolaiken) on Lake Luknajno, which provides a protected habitat for the largest Polish colony of mute swans.

How to get to the Masurian Lake District?

This idyllic spot can be reached by car, bus or train. Public transport to the Masurian Lake District starts in Warsaw, Gdansk or the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

By boat through Poland's lake landscape

If you look at the forest and lake area in the northeast of Poland, you will believe the statistics that Poland is the country with the most lakes in Europe after Finland. About 2,700 of all lakes in the Masurian Lake District reach more than one hectare in area.

The two largest lakes are Jezioro Sniardwy (Spirding Lake), also the largest lake in Poland, and Jezioro Mamry (Wall Lake). The individual lakes are connected by river courses and a multitude of canals, some of which are man-made, to further enhance the boating experience. Thus, in some places you can even reach the Baltic Sea in the north of Poland by motorboat or sailboat.

The water sports possibilities in the Masurian Lake District are almost endless. Besides tours by sailboat, motorboat or houseboat, the most popular activities include swimming and bathing, kayak or canoe trips on the Krutynia River, as well as fishing and ice fishing.

Away from the water, you can enjoy the peaceful flair of the lake landscape on colorfully marked circular hiking trails, bicycle routes or campsites and try your luck at berry or mushroom picking.


Hotels and restaurants in the Masurian Lake District

The most important places in the Masurian Lake District are Węgorzewo (Angerburg), Giżycko (Lötzen), Elk (Lyck) and Mikołajki. Hotels, restaurants and boat rentals are located here. The most beautiful place is probably Giżycko. On the shore of Niegocin Lake, it also offers a historical fortress and a medieval church. The smaller villages in the lake area offer guesthouses and pensions as accommodation.