The Top 10 Sights of Poland

Travel to Poland completely without tourist traps! Here you will find a list of the top 10 sights of Poland! What are the highlights and attractions you can't miss on vacation in Poland?

Poland offers relaxation in its countless spas and wellness facilities, nature lovers will get their money's worth in the Masurian Lake District, architecture enthusiasts will love Wroclaw, Warsaw and Krakow, and for those interested in history, Auschwitz shows the darkest side of World War II.


Market Square in Wroclaw (Breslau)

The market square in the Polish city of Wroclaw (Breslau) in western Poland is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe - © Pablo77 / Shutterstock
© Pablo77 / Shutterstock

The medieval marketplace of Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Around the so-called "Rynek" ("Ring"), one colorful building follows the next. Together with the magnificent City Hall, the proud patrician houses in the center of the 2016 Capital of Culture create an impressive blend of Art Nouveau, Gothic and Renaissance.

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Wawel Hill in Krakow

Wawel Hill in Krakow was once the center of power in Poland; the royal castle and cathedral are now among the city's most important sights - © Nahlik / Shutterstock
© Nahlik / Shutterstock

Wawel Hill in Krakow was once the residence of the kings of Poland. Even today, with the Wawel Castle and the Wawel Cathedral, spiritual and secular powers are present on Wawel Hill, which together with the Old Town of Krakow is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The magnificent premises of the former royal castle now house the National Museum of Krakow. A bird's eye view from the bell tower of the cathedral, where Poland's kings were crowned, reveals Krakow's picturesque Old Town.

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Tatra National Park

In the Tatra National Park in Poland you can find numerous mountain lakes in picturesque valleys, Poland - © industrieblick / Fotolia
© industrial view / Fotolia

The Tatra National Park in the south of Poland already borders on Slovakia and is a UNESCO biosphere reserve under strict nature protection. Hikers and mountaineers from all over the world meet in the rugged mountain landscape with its breathtaking flora and fauna.

Between secluded beech forests and crystal clear mountain lakes, wolves and brown bears live in harmony with the Gorals, a mountain people whose culture and traditions are carefully preserved.


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Masurian Lake District

One of the 2,700 lakes in the Masurian Lake District, a scenic jewel in north-eastern Poland - © Rafal Cichawa / Shutterstock
© Rafal Cichawa / Shutterstock

Northeastern Poland is also home to the Masurian Lake District, a scenic gem in a class of its own. The lush collection of meltwater lakes surrounding Poland's largest lake is one of Poland's most popular resorts and one of the most visited lake regions in Central Europe. Hiking trails, cycling routes and boating tours bring outdoor vacationers closer to the magnificent scenery and breathtaking nature.

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Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa (Czestochowa)

The Jasna Góra Monastery in the town of Częstochowa (Czestochowa) is considered the spiritual center of Poland with the "Black Madonna" - © wajan / Fotolia
© wajan / Fotolia

Częstochowa is considered the spiritual center of Poland and the Jasna Góra Monastery is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country. The "Black Madonna," Poland's holiest relic, brought it worldwide fame. The portrait was allegedly painted by the evangelist Luke on a piece of the wooden table of the Holy Family.

Such an important artifact, of course, must be kept accordingly, and so the monastery of Jasna Góra presents itself as a powerful fortress since the 17th century.

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St. Mary's Church in Gdansk

View of St. Mary's Church in Gdansk, the largest brick church in Europe and one of the largest in the world, Poland - © Nightman1965 / Shutterstock
© Nightman1965 / Shutterstock

Besides Częstochowa, St. Mary's Church in Gdansk is also a much-visited pilgrimage site. However, the place of worship is also significant for those interested in architecture, as the Church of St. Mary in Gdansk is the largest brick church in Europe.

It can hold a massive 25,000 worshippers, more than five times as many as Cologne Cathedral. Also impressive are its medieval frescoes, an astronomical clock and the sensational view from the 82m high bell tower.


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Palace of Culture in Warsaw

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, completed in 1956 after four years of construction, is the tallest building in Poland at 231m - © jacek_kadaj / Fotolia
© jacek_kadaj / Fotolia

Speaking of enormous buildings, the Palace of Culture in Warsaw is one of them. The listed colossus in the capital is Poland's tallest building and at the time of its construction was the second tallest structure in Europe after the Eiffel Tower. The gigantic view over Wars aw can be enjoyed from the observation deck with panorama restaurant.

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Łazienki Park in Warsaw

The most beautiful building in Łazienki Park is the eponymous Łazienki Palace, also called "Palace on the Water", Warsaw, Poland - © Aleksey Stemmer / Shutterstock
© Aleksey Stemmer / Shutterstock

Łazienki Park in Warsaw is also a record holder of Poland's capital: with an area of 80 hectares, it is the largest park in Warsaw. Among beautifully landscaped flower gardens and shady trees are numerous architectural sights, such as the neoclassical Łazienki Palace on the lake of the same name, the Court Theater in the former orangery and countless monuments.

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The groin house in the center of Zakopane dates back to 1900 and is now used as a hotel, Poland - © marekusz / Shutterstock
© marekusz / Shutterstock

Located at the foot of the mighty Tatra Mountains, Zakopane is the highest city in Poland. Framed by rugged peaks, it is not surprising that Zakopane is one of the most visited winter sports centers in the country.

Besides excellent ski slopes in winter and hiking routes in summer, Zakopane also offers some architectural highlights with the so-called Zakopane style of the Gorals.


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Concentration Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau

The entrance gate to Ausschwitz, Poland - © Robert Hoetink / Shutterstock
© Robert Hoetink / Shutterstock

Perhaps not necessarily the first choice for a Polish vacation, but still a much-visited tourist destination and even a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the concentration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In the meantime, it has become a symbol of the Holocaust during World War II, as more than one million people met a gruesome end in the largest extermination camp of the National Socialists. Today's memorial site can be visited on guided tours - not for the faint of heart!

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