Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria

The romantic, almost 500m long Getreidegasse is Salzburg's most famous shopping street and also attracts tourists from all over the world to the historic city centre as the location of Mozart's birthplace.

Tall houses nestling close together, historic guild signs above modern stores, romantic courtyards and narrow passages to the Salzach - the Getreidegasse in Salzburg's city centre presents itself to visitors with a very special charm. Of course, it is one of our top 10 sights in Salzburg.


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Greeting from the 18th century

Cornices, guild signs, parapets and marble reliefs define the distinctive characteristics of Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria - © James Camel /
© James Camel /

The Getreidegasse is one of the oldest regions of Salzburg. The pretty alley was already a main traffic route through the city in Roman times and long afterwards the only trade route to what is now Bavaria.

The houses in Getreidegasse are still in the typical style of the 18th century: high, narrow, windows that get smaller towards the top and elaborately decorated house portals.

On some façades, dates, names of former residents or the eye of God are still visible. Floral decorations, cornices, wrought-iron and gilded guild signs, parapets and marble reliefs shape the unmistakable character of the Getreidegasse.

Hidden treasures: The courtyards of Getreidegasse

View through one of the through houses of Getreidegasse in Salzburg's old town to the other bank of the Salzach River, Austria - © James Camel /
© James Camel /

The former inner courtyards and passageways, which were created between the narrow but elongated houses, have been integrated into the modern business premises or converted into shopping arcades. They contribute significantly to the uniqueness of Salzburg's inner city.

Probably the most beautiful courtyard is the passage through the Treasure House to University Square. Look out here for the magnificent relief of the Mother of God with the Child in a niche!

Getreidegasse number 9: Mozart's birthplace

In the Getreidegasse number 9 in Salzburg the world famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart saw the light of day, Austria - © James Camel /
© James Camel /

The house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born may be one of the most inconspicuous buildings in Getreidegasse, but it is the biggest magnet for visitors. There is always a crowd of people in front of the narrow yellow Hagenauerhaus, gazing devoutly at the golden lettering with their cameras at the ready: Mozart's birthplace. This is where the world-famous composer saw the light of day on 27 January 1756.


The entrance portal to number 9 Getreidegasse is still magnificently decorated today. When you walk through it, you enter the Mozart Museum, where the rooms of the Mozart family, some of them furnished true to the original, are open for viewing.

Shopping in the Getreidegasse

Alongside historical architecture and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the shops of Getreidegasse are the third major visitor magnet. Jewellery, fashion, traditional costumes, drugstores, delicatessens, the Red Bull Store and souvenir shops - in Getreidegasse, shopaholics can find everything their hearts desire at shops, some of which are steeped in tradition, and are guaranteed to find the perfect souvenir for home.

Tip: Getreidegasse in the winter night

If you want to enjoy the Getreidegasse in Salzburg in peace, you should visit it out of season in the evening, Austria - © James Camel /
© James Camel /

If you want to enjoy the Getreidegasse in peace and quiet, you should visit it in the evening, out of season (from November to April). The cafés and shops are already closed then and the unusual quietness creates a romantic atmosphere under the wrought-iron guild signs of the illuminated Getreidegasse.

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