Ada Bojana Island, Montenegro

The holiday island of Ada Bojana between the river and the sea in the south of Montenegro is an idyllic and almost untouched spot with a wonderful sandy beach, perfect surfing conditions and delicious fish restaurants.

The triangular island of Ada Bojana in the extreme south of Montenegro is formed by the Bojana River, which flows into the Adriatic Sea in a fork on the border with Albania. It was formed by pebbles and mud washed up by the Bojana River over time and rises barely more than three metres above the water level on an area of just under 5 square kilometres.


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In the island's subtropical climate between salt and fresh water, a diverse flora and fauna thrive in an extraordinary ecosystem. The entire island could be described as a huge biotope, most of which is still completely natural.

The disadvantage of this unregulated nature is that the sandy island constantly changes its shape. After the winter, it can happen that the waves suddenly almost reach the terrace at quarters on the beach.

Bathing and nudism on Ada Bojana

The entire island of Ada Bojana could be described as a huge biotope, most of which is still completely natural, Montenegro - © photosmatic / Shutterstock
© photosmatic / Shutterstock

Tourists appreciate Ada Bojana mainly because of its 3km long sandy beach, which borders the island on the Mediterranean side. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available, but some are rented out at very hefty prices.

In the southwest of the island, Ada Bojana's only hotel specialises in nudists. Most of the rest of the island is also a nudist area, separated from the clothed bathers in the textile area only by low fences.

Even before the war, the naturist bathing area of Ada Bojana was very popular with tourists. During the war, however, the visitors stayed away, and even shortly afterwards the situation was too unstable to attract bathers.

The area became overgrown and the buildings fell into disrepair. It was not until the 2000s that reconstruction and renovation work began - somewhat slowly - so that a hotel, a restaurant, several bungalows and flats and the campsite were once again usable.


In 2010, the island of Ada was hit by a devastating hurricane that washed away large parts of the beach and also caused severe damage to the tourist infrastructure. Many of the new buildings were destroyed again.

Camping on Ada Bojana

Much of Ada Bojana's infrastructure fell victim to a devastating hurricane in 2010, Montenegro - © ollirg / Shutterstock
© ollirg / Shutterstock

There is only one hotel on Ada Bojana, most holidaymakers stay at the campsite, where there is also a small supermarket for the most necessary purchases. The standard here sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, but the idyllic setting and unspoilt nature compensate for many an inconvenience.

Already at the end of August, there is hardly any tourist rush and you can quickly find a quiet spot. With a low number of guests, the sanitary facilities are also completely adequate.

Tip: Whether you are camping on Ada Bojana or staying in a hotel, be sure to bring mosquito repellent because of the close proximity to the river!

Dishes on Ada Bojana

The restaurants of Ada Bojana are built along the two arms of the river directly on the water and entice with freshly caught delicacies, Montenegro - © photosmatic / Shutterstock
© photosmatic / Shutterstock

Another reason to visit Ada Island is its fish restaurants. Since the possibilities for self-catering on Ada Bojana are relatively minimal, a visit to a restaurant in the evening is a good idea anyway. The restaurants are built along the two arms of the river, partly on wooden stilts directly above the water, and all tempt with freshly caught delicacies.

Horse riding and surfing on Ada Bojana

Riding into the sunset on the beach is possible on the island of Ada Bojana in the south of Montenegro - © Darko Vrcan / Shutterstock
© Darko Vrcan / Shutterstock

The Montenegrin coast off Ada Bojana is one of the best kite and windsurf spots on the Adriatic. Throughout the summer, a strong, constant wind blows, especially in the afternoons, creating optimal surfing conditions for beginners and professionals alike.

Tip: Even better conditions for surfers prevail at the 14km-long sandy beach Velika Plaža near Ulcinj.

The second favourite sport of Ada Bojana holidaymakers is horse riding. Right next to the campsite, horses and ponies are waiting to carry amateur riders across the beach. Clear the way for picturesque photos with the motif "Riding into the sunset on the beach". By the way, these are an absolutely impressive spectacle every evening on Ada Bojana!

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