Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) on Brac, Croatia

The characteristic Zlatni Rat beach in the south of Brac is considered one of the greatest natural beauties of Croatia and is one of the most popular and well-known beaches in the entire Adriatic.

One of our 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia is on the island of Brac: the dreamlike beach Zlatni Rat, translated as "Golden Horn". The characteristic headland of bright pebbles is located on the south coast of the island near Bol, is one of Brac's flagships and is considered by many to be THE symbol of a holiday in Croatia.


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Golden Horn Natural Monument

About 2.5 kilometres west of Bol, the Horn of Sand and Forest juts out some 500 metres into the azure Adriatic. The Golden Horn has been declared a natural monument and changes its orientation and shape depending on currents, wind and waves. Over millions of years, the headland was formed by deposits of rock that were finely ground over time by the constant surf.

Bathing holiday on the most beautiful beach in Croatia

Aerial view of the famous beach of Zlatni Rat near Bol, island of Brac, Croatia - © Eva Bocek / Shutterstock
© Eva Bocek / Shutterstock

The infrastructure on Bol's most famous beach leaves nothing to be desired. Sunshades and deckchairs, restaurants and toilets and numerous water sports facilities make Zlatni Rat a paradise for beach holidays in Croatia. Naturists are also welcome here - part of Zlatni Rat is designated as a textile-free zone.

Accommodation near Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) on the island of Brac

Crystal clear water

The tiny pebbles provide crystal clear water on the beach of Zlatni Rat and a dense forest of pines and pine trees provide natural protection from the sun, island of Brac, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

The tiny pebbles make for crystal clear sea with perfect long-distance views underwater. A dense forest of pines provides natural protection from the sun. When the wind blows, Zlatni Rat is transformed from a bathing paradise into an El Dorado for surfers. No wonder Zlatni Rat has often been voted one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

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