Valun on Cres, Croatia

Valun in the bay of Cres fulfils all the clichés of a Croatian fishing village. Wonderful pebble beaches with the clearest sea water in Croatia, quaint taverns with freshly caught fish and heavenly tranquillity in winding alleys promise Mediterranean holiday flair at its best.

In its beautiful bay, protected by the hills of the Pernat mountain range, the fishing village of Valun in the centre of the island is one of the most interesting places on Cres. Valun lies in the same bay as the main town of Cres and is administratively under its wing.


The car-free Valun, however, is much smaller, with only about 80 inhabitants, and thus the right holiday destination for travellers who primarily want to enjoy peace and relaxation on holiday.

Valun originated from the small village of Bucev, which was built high above the sea for protection against pirates. Over time, the island of Cres became safer and the inhabitants settled back down to the sea - Valun came into being. All that remains of Bucev is the small St. Mark's Church and a cemetery. Incidentally, the famous stone tablet of Valun was found here.

Valun beaches

Just outside Valun on the island of Cres, the pebble beaches are replaced by natural rocky banks, Croatia - © ah_fotobox / Shutterstock
© ah_fotobox / Shutterstock

Valun has two small pebble beaches that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. If you are looking for the clearest water in the country for your beach holiday in Croatia, this is the place to be. The wonderful beaches of Valun have made it onto our list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Trees provide pleasant shade and the crystal clear water invites you to snorkel. Just outside Valun, there is a private beach at the campsite. Here the pebbles are replaced by natural rocky banks.

Hiking and cycling around Valun

The rolling, green hills with great viewpoints and the fresh, Mediterranean air make the area around Valun a paradise for hikers and bikers. Especially in the mild low season, when it is not quite so hot during the day, many outdoor holidaymakers have discovered the idyllic forests around Valun.

Tip: An 8km hiking trail leads from Valun to Cres Town - ideal for a day trip! Also worth a visit are the picturesque village of Lubenice and the idyllic Vrana Lake - both just around the corner.

Famous Valun

The "Valunska Ploca", a Glagolitic stone tablet of inestimable value to linguists, was found in Valun on Cres, Croatia - © ah_fotobox / Shutterstock
© ah_fotobox / Shutterstock

Valun is not only famous for tourism, but also has a historically significant background. The "Valunska Ploca" is a stone tablet from the 11th century and of the utmost importance for historians. The tomb slab contains the same text in Glagolitic characters and Latin letters - an invaluable asset for linguists!

Together with the Glagolitic stone tablet from Baska on Krk, it is also one of the oldest written documents in the Croatian language. Today, the precious tablets are safely stored in the parish church of St. Mary - they are walled in.


Valun also became known to TV viewers, as it provided the Mediterranean backdrop for the German series "Der Sonne entgegen" in the 1980s.

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