Lubenice on Cres, Croatia

Lubenice on the island of Cres does not seem to have been much affected by Croatian tourism. Without hotels and restaurants, but with a peaceful idyll and a magnificent view, the tiny nest on its steep cliff is considered an absolute insider tip.

In theory, Lubenice does not seem like a destination that should be visited on holiday on Cres. The wind whistles incessantly over its steep cliffs, no hotels or restaurants, no historical sights, not even a bathing beach can be found here. The few remaining inhabitants (figures vary between 6 and 43) are all around 60 years old and live from winegrowing and sheep farming; tourism is apparently a foreign word here.


Fantastic location of Lubenice

Sunset over the cliff of the picturesque village of Lubenice on the island of Cres, Croatia - © Pablo Debat / Shutterstock
© Pablo Debat / Shutterstock

And yet Lubenice is probably the most enchanting place on the island of Cres. On its 380m high rock, only 13 minutes by car from Valun, the sleepy nest seems to exist in another world. In the narrow streets between the few stone-built houses, far away from the noise of cars, there is the scent of sage and rosemary and the view over the sea is simply fantastic!

Tip: There really is a stiff breeze blowing all the time in Lubenice. If you want to visit the fairytale settlement, you should have windproof clothing in your luggage - or buy a sheepskin on site.

Sights in Lubenice

In the narrow alleys between the few houses of Lubenice on the island of Cres, far from the noise of cars, the scent of sage and rosemary wafts through the air - © Sinisa Botas / Shutterstock
© Sinisa Botas / Shutterstock

If the road to Lubenice was already not wide, the winding alleys of Lubenice are really too narrow for cars. Cars can be parked in two large car parks in front of the entrance to the village. The sightseeing tour through Lubenice is soon over, the highlights include six (!) churches and a small school which, due to a lack of pupils, has been turned into a (free) sheep museum. sheep museum (free of charge) sheep museum.

The church of St. Anthony right at the entrance to the village dates from the 15th century and impresses with its magnificent acoustics. The bell tower, visible from afar, was built in 1791, 7 years later also the church of St. Mary, which has had three naves since the 19th century. The other chapels are dedicated to St. Jacob, St. Stephen, St. Michael and St. Sunday. The latter, however, is nowadays a stable.

Beach near Lubenice

The picturesque beach below Lubenice on the island of Cres has already been voted among the most beautiful beaches in the world, Croatia - © LianeM / Shutterstock
© LianeM / Shutterstock

The bathing beach of Lubenice is 378 metres in altitude away. The pristine pebble beach of Sveti Ivan lies directly below the picturesque village and can be reached via a steep path after about an hour's walk. The shimmering turquoise blue oasis below the steep cliff has already been voted number 15 of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world by the German Bild newspaper.

Hiking trails around Lubenice

On the way to the beach, a turnoff leads to the bay of Zanja with the famous Blue Grottoes of Cres. The sunlight conjures up magnificent plays of colour on the surface of the water, creating a wonderland for divers and snorkellers.

Other hiking trails lead within 1-2 hours through dense pine forests to Vidovići and over Mount Helm further to Martinščica, to the strictly protected Varner Lake or across to Valun in its idyllic bay.

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