Holidays on Rab - travel tips and places of interest

Most lushly overgrown and most densely populated, Rab is the right holiday destination for gourmets, amateur historians and those interested in culture. Although the island is one of the sunniest places in Europe, seaside holidays on Rab tend to take a back seat.

Elegant, cosmopolitan, almost cosmopolitan. This is how the Croatian holiday island of Rab presents itself. The top 10 sights of Rab are to be found in the pretty capital Rab Town, which, along with Dubrovnik, is often described as the most beautiful coastal town in Croatia, or in the numerous holiday villages, which offer cultural heritage, delicious restaurants and a lively nightlife in addition to a wide range of water sports.


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Where is the most beautiful place on the island of Rab?

With around 2500 hours of sunshine per year, Rab is one of the sunniest places in Europe. However, it would be sacrilegious to spend only a beach holiday on this picturesque island.

So besides the wonderful beaches of Lopar or Pudarica, be sure to visit the typical Croatian fishing villages of Supetarska Draga and Kampor. Also worth a detour is the popular holiday settlement of Suha Punta on the Kalifront peninsula, which is criss-crossed by hiking trails. In the capital Rab Town, the nightlife is pulsating and visitors interested in history will also get their money's worth here.

Forests, fortified towers, wild nights - what to do on Rab?

Night view of the famous steeples of the churches of Sv. Andrija and Marija Velika on the Adriatic coast of Rab Town, Croatia - © Rafal Cichawa / Shutterstock
© Rafal Cichawa / Shutterstock

Rab is the hippest Croatian island in the Kvarner Bay. The island of just under 100 square kilometres is also the greenest island in Croatia and the most densely populated. This is where people meet on holiday to swim, hike, party and discover, but also to let go and relax.

Like many parts of Croatia, the island of Rab was first under Illyrian and later under Roman rule. Emperor Augustus had Rab Town developed into a noteworthy ancient capital with defence towers, harbour and city walls. The Roman rulers were followed by the Byzantines, Venetians, Croats, Habsburgs and Italians. All of them left their mark on the island and the magnificent monuments of Rab town still bear witness to these past eras.

Compared to the other Croatian islands, Rab is the most densely populated and forested. Hence the name: "Rab" originates from the Illyrian "arb", which means "green" or "forested". The lush vegetation, along with unspoilt bays and a picture-perfect island capital, contribute greatly to the island's attractiveness.

What is the best way to get to the island of Rab?

From mainland Croatia, travel to the island of Rab via the port of Stinica (Jablanac) to Misnjak in the south of Rab - © Copyright / Shutterstock
© Copyright / Shutterstock

From the Croatian mainland, access is via the port of Stinica in the north of the island. In the high season, there is a ferry every 30 minutes to Misnjak in the south of Rab. Alternatively, the journey from the mainland can also be made via the city of Rijeka. From the island of Krk, there is a connection from Valbiska to Lopar and on the island of Pag, a speedboat departs from Novalja.


Beach holidays on Rab - the most beautiful beaches

Pudarica Bay in the south of Rab is one of the few bays in Croatia with a long sandy beach - © Isaac74 / Shutterstock
© Isaac74 / Shutterstock

Rab is one of the sunniest places in Europe and boasts around 30 beaches of sand, rock and fine pebbles along its coast. The crystal-clear, calm and warm water delights snorkellers and families alike and makes Rab ideal for family and relaxation holidays.

Perfect infrastructure can be found in the bays around Rab Town, Barbat, Banjol and Pudarica, and in Lopar lies San Marino Bay, the lively "paradise beach" of Rab (one of our 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia).

On the Frkanje peninsula or on the rocky coast near Lopar, untouched bays and nudist beaches offer peace for stressed souls. It is said that the first nudist beach in Yugoslavia was built on Frkanje at the request of the English King Edward VIII. So a beach holiday on Rab has always been a topic.

Barbat and Banjol - holidays by boat

The seaside resort of Banjol on the island of Rab attracts visitors with its beautiful bays, idyllic holiday homes and local delicacies - © Mariusz Szczygiel / Shutterstock
© Mariusz Szczygiel / Shutterstock

Most holidaymakers arrive on Rab from the south. Coming from the ferry port of Misnjak, visitors are immediately greeted by the beautiful sandy beach of Pudarica. Further north are the holiday settlements of Barbat and Banjol, with their shipyard, marina and numerous holiday homes with moorings, popular holiday destinations for sailors and other boating holidaymakers.

Rab Town - an island capital straight out of a picture book

From the town tower in Rab Town, the famous view of the four towers along the coast of the island's capital, Croatia - © Deymos.HR / Shutterstock
© Deymos.HR / Shutterstock

The next destination, the main town of Rab Town, boasts most of Rab's sights. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, the old town of Rab Town, with its brick-red roofs and distinctive four church towers lined up along the coast, is a postcard motif par excellence.

The "happy" town of Rab is the non-administrative and tourist centre of the island of Rab and, along with Dubrovnik, is often described as the most worth seeing town in Croatia. The pretty old town of Rab city takes holidaymakers back to past centuries and the picturesque neighbouring villages of Mundanije, Palit, Banjol and Barbat invite you to swim and stroll. Wonderful bays and pebble beaches around the capital of Rab perfect the holiday feeling on the Adriatic.

Suha Punta - Rab's Green Side

On the unspoilt peninsula of Kalifront in the north of Rab, you will find beautiful bathing bays around Kampor and Suha Punta, Croatia - © Isaac74 / Shutterstock
© Isaac74 / Shutterstock

On the densely wooded peninsula of Kalifront, just a few kilometres from Rab town, the holiday resort of Suha Punta attracts visitors with numerous holiday homes and leisure facilities, as well as idyllic hiking trails, hidden coves and nudist beaches in its surroundings.

Kampor - building the best sandcastles

Typical Croatian fishing villages spread peace and cosiness on holiday on the island of Rab, Croatia - © Lan Sergey / Shutterstock
© Lan Sergey / Shutterstock

Further north, idyllic Kampor is the best-preserved fishing village on the island of Rab. With its fine sandy beach Mel, delicious restaurants and excellent shopping opportunities, it is a great place to spend a holiday in a relaxed atmosphere.


Supetarska Draga - Chilling on natural beaches

Supetarska Draga is one of the oldest villages on the island of Rab and attracts holidaymakers with its hospitality and tranquillity, Croatia - © Mariusz Szczygiel / Shutterstock
© Mariusz Szczygiel / Shutterstock

Supetarska Draga is also a relaxed place. The yachtsmen's domicile in the wind-protected Drager Bay is one of the oldest villages on Rab and attracts holidaymakers with its hospitality and tranquillity. In addition to scenic sights, the oldest Benedictine abbey of Rab, the Basilica of St. Peter, can be found here.

Lopar - paradise beach, water sports and cocktails

If you explore the Lopar peninsula in the north of Rab, you will discover secluded rocky coves that could hardly be more romantic, Croatia - © Gergely Zsolnai / Shutterstock
© Gergely Zsolnai / Shutterstock

For those who like more hustle and bustle on holiday, Lopar is the right place. In the north of Rab on the peninsula of the same name, hidden bays and the dreamlike "paradise beach" combine with a variety of leisure activities and a perfect tourist infrastructure to create the ideal destination for your Croatia holiday. Romantic sunsets in lonely rocky coves are just as possible here as dancing through the night with cocktails and wine. A ferry takes travellers from Lopar to the neighbouring island of Krk.

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