Kampor and Suha Punta on the island of Rab, Croatia

In the green north of the island of Rab, the picturesque fishing village of Kampor and the popular holiday settlement of Suha Punta are among the tourist centres amid idyllic bays and fragrant forests.

From Rab town, after the monastery of Sveti Eufemija, the road continues north to Kampor. Before that, however, a detour to the unspoilt peninsula of Kalifront with the idyllic village of Suha Punta pays off.


Kalifront and Suha Punta - Rab's Green Side

Enchanting secluded bays and the fragrant oak forest of the protected Dundovo Forest Park make the Kalifront peninsula the hiking and cycling paradise of the island of Rab. Well-signposted paths under shady oaks, cypresses and pines lead to hidden coves and make it easy to simply unwind.

Suha Punta is the tourist centre on the Kalifront peninsula and offers everything you could wish for in a Croatian holiday resort: Holiday homes, beach restaurants, boat harbour, diving centres, surfing and water skiing possibilities, a discotheque, riding horses and tennis courts.

Some of the best places to swim on Kalifront include the shallow-sloping Cifnata Bay, also known as "ParadiseBay" with its dark sand, and the extensive beach of Ham Bay (Gozinka Bay). Taxi boats from Suha Punta take holidaymakers to a variety of other hidden spots on the Rab coast.

Nudism on the island of Rab

The first nudist beach in the former Yugoslavia is said to have been created on the Frkanje peninsula. The English King Edward VIII is said to have bathed naked in the sea in the bay of Kandalora in the early 20th century with his wife, Lady Wallis Simpson - of course only with the permission of the local authorities. Accordingly, the forests of Kalifront and especially the Frkanje peninsula are still the first destination for nudists on the island of Rab.

Kampor - ideal for families and those seeking peace and quiet

When you arrive in Kampor, you will be infected by the peaceful atmosphere of this community of about 1,000 inhabitants. The small centre of Rab's best-preserved fishing village is located directly on the picturesque bay of Kamporska Draga and, with its shops and supermarkets, is ideal as a stopover to stock up for the onward journey.

Incidentally, the beaches in Kampor Bay are said to have the most beautiful sand castles on the island due to the high clay content in the sand. This and the calm sea with crystal clear water make Kampor the ideal holiday destination for families. Numerous sports and leisure activities on the beach and in the surrounding area are guaranteed to keep you busy during your holiday.

In the evening, Kampor's life shifts from the coast to the konobas, where the catch of the day or grilled lamb with island herbs and a delicious drop from the surrounding vineyards is enjoyed. Despite the numerous bars and pubs, Kampor is quiet and familiar. Those who want to party in clubs and discos on Rab will find them in Lopar or Rab town.


WWII Memorial in Kampor

Kampor also has a negative touch, because during the Second World War the Italian Nazis set up a concentration camp here, where about 15,000 people were imprisoned. 1,433 Croats, Slovenes and Jews lost their lives here. Today, the former concentration camp serves as a memorial to the many victims.

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