Donji Grad (Lower Town) in Zagreb, Croatia

The lower town of Donji Grad is considered the modern centre of Zagreb and is attractive for culture and nature lovers with its impressive National Theatre, impressive museums and the "Green Horseshoe" of Zagreb.

In addition to the historic old town districts of Kaptol and Gornji Grad, the lower town of Donji Grad is considered the modern centre of Zagreb. The city's main square, Trg Ban Jelačić, together with the Ilica promenade, mark the boundaries between the historic upper town and the modern lower town. It is also the perfect starting point for a tour of the most important sights in Zagreb's Lower Town.


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Shopping Gallery Oktogon

The Oktogon is located in a former bank building in Zagreb and connects Petar Preradović Square with the shopping mile Ilica. The building dates back to the turn of the century around 1900 and was designed by Josip Vancaš. The shopping gallery takes its name from the octagonal domed courtyard from which the two shopping streets with shops diverge.

National Theatre

The impressive National Theatre on Tito Square is Zagreb's most magnificent stage and one of the most important sights in Croatia's capital - © Phant / Shutterstock
© Phant / Shutterstock

The imposing National Theatre in Zagreb dates from the late 19th century and is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The magnificent baroque building impresses to this day with its great dramatic art and masterful architecture.

Throughout its existence, the National Theatre of Zagreb has produced many internationally renowned musical greats and is still a magnificent stage for the city's most important plays, operas and ballet performances.

Opposite the National Theatre is the rector's building of the University of Zagreb.

Museum for Arts and Crafts

Right next to the National Theatre, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, built in 1888, presents the history of Croatian craftsmanship from the Gothic period to the present. The museum is housed in an impressive city palace by Hermann Bollé on the west side of Tito Square.

Mimara Museum

With over 3,700 works of art by international masters, the Mimara Museum in Zagreb is one of the most valuable private collections in the world, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

Just one street south on Rooseveltov trg is the Mimara Museum, one of the most valuable private collections in the world. Over the course of their lives, the two passionate art collectors Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara have amassed more than 3,700 works of art by international masters, which can now be seen in Zagreb's former grammar school.


Office Tower Zagrepčanka

The Mimara Museum is connected to Savska cesta, which leads to Croatia 's tallest building, the Zagrepčanka office tower. The 95m high colossus was opened in 1976 and is 27 storeys high.

Ethnographic Museum

On the other side of Roosevelt Square is the Ethnographic Museum, a must for all fans of traditional costumes. The finest fabrics, costumes, as well as jewellery and household utensils from the 19th and 20th centuries bring traditional Croatia back to life here. From here, Runjaninova ulica continues south to the Zagreb Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Zagreb impresses its visitors with a variety of native and exotic plants, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

In the Zagreb Botanical Garden, around 10, 000 different plants thrive on an area of around 50,000 square metres. The native plant world is most strongly represented, but about 1,800 species come from all countries of the world, many of them from Asia.

Idyllic walkways through the picturesque landscape of woods, ponds, pavilions and flowerbeds invite you to take a relaxed stroll in the Botanical Garden from April to October.

Luxury Hotel Esplanade

Once built for the passengers of the Orient Express, the luxury Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb is still considered the best hotel in Croatia - © Yory Frenklakh / Shutterstock
© Yory Frenklakh / Shutterstock

At the western end of the Botanical Garden, the Esplanade Hotel is the largest and most famous hotel in Zagreb. Once built for the passengers of the famous Orient Express, the luxury Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb has already accommodated countless celebrities and is still considered the best hotel in Croatia.

Art pavilion

The magnificent Art Pavilion in Zagreb is the oldest art museum in Croatia - © iascic / Shutterstock
© iascic / Shutterstock

Two blocks further west, after the Esplanade Hotel, sits the famous Art Pavilion on Tomislavov trg. The magnificent building is the oldest art museum in Croatia and was specially designed for the presentation of large-scale works of art. Constantly changing exhibitions make the Umjetnički paviljon a constantly interesting sight for art lovers.

Via Strossmayerov trg to Zrinjevac Park

In the idyllic Zrinjevac Park in the lower town of Zagreb, the building of the Academy of Sciences, Croatia - © iascic / Shutterstock
© iascic / Shutterstock

The series of interesting squares and museums continues north of Tomislavov trg. This is followed by Storssmayerov trg with the Old Masters Gallery and the Modern Gallery.

Behind it is Trg Nikole Zrinskog with the Archaeological Museum. The picturesque square is nestled in Zrinjevac Park, often called the most romantic place in Zagreb and home to the Academy of Sciences, among others.


After Zrinjevac Park, you have reached the starting point at Trg Ban Jelačić again via Praška ulica.

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