The Top 10 Sights of Zagreb, Croatia

Travel to Zagreb without any tourist traps! Here you will find a list of the top 10 sights of Zagreb! Which highlights and attractions should you not miss on your holiday in Zagreb? 

People on holiday in Croatia often turn their backs on the inland capital in favour of Croatia's beautiful islands and beaches. Croatia's largest city by no means deserves this ignorance, for Zagreb, with its dynamic mix of imperial and Balkan past, has magnificent monuments, interesting museums and idyllic green spaces to offer.


Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb

Croatia holidaymakers will find magnificent monuments, nice cafés and a variety of shopping opportunities on Trg Ban Jelačić, Zagreb's main square - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

Themagnificent Trg Ban Jelačić is the ideal starting point for a sightseeing tour of Zagreb and also gives an immediate taste of the impressive architecture that Croatia's capital has to offer. Connecting Zagreb's Upper and Lower Towns, Ban Jelačić Square comes alive day and night with tourists, street musicians, vendors and shopping locals.

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Lotrščak Tower in Zagreb

The impressive Lotrščak Tower in the Upper Town of Zagreb was once a watchtower, bell tower and cannon tower, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

Another popular meeting point and orientation aid in Zagreb is the Lotrščak Tower, from which the view falls over almost the whole of Zagreb. The cogwheel railway, which comfortably takes holidaymakers from the lower town to the upper town, ends directly at this well-preserved relic of the old city wall. Incidentally, the Lotrščak Tower is home to the cannon that announces the time every day at 12 noon.

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Zagreb Cathedral

The Cathedral of Zagreb, visible from afar, is one of the most famous churches in Croatia - © TTstudio / Shutterstock
© TTstudio / Shutterstock

The nationally famous Zagreb Cathedral is almost 1000 years old and can be seen from afar with its over 100m high towers. The neo-Gothic Church of the Ascension is considered a national treasure and, with the four golden angels and the Marian column on the forecourt, a well-known postcard motif of Zagreb. In its massive interior, the High Baroque furnishings, the treasury and the organ are worth seeing.

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St Mark's Church in Zagreb

With its distinctive heraldic roof, Zagreb's pretty St Mark's Church is considered a landmark of the Upper Town, Croatia - © TTstudio / Shutterstock
© TTstudio / Shutterstock

Zagreb's second famous place of worship is the picturesque St Mark's Church. Its distinctive heraldic roof makes it the landmark of the upper town. In addition to the ornately decorated south portal, the oldest coat of arms of Zagreb on the north-west façade is also worth seeing.


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Art Pavilion in Zagreb

The magnificent Art Pavilion in Zagreb is the oldest art museum in Croatia - © iascic / Shutterstock
© iascic / Shutterstock

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb is the only art museum in the city that was built as such and at the same time the oldest art museum in Croatia. Behind its architecturally outstanding façade lies contemporary art on a grand scale - the spacious halls were designed specifically for the presentation of large-scale works of art.

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Mimara Museum in Zagreb

With over 3,700 works of art by international masters, the Mimara Museum in Zagreb is one of the most valuable private collections in the world, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

The Mimara Museum is also a worthwhile address for art lovers in Zagreb. The private collection in a magnificent 19th century building is one of the most valuable in the world. Among the almost 4,000 works are renowned artists from all over the world, including Manet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck or Goya.

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Museum of Broken Relations in Zagreb

The objects on display at the Zagreb Museum of Broken Relationships represent the diverse stories of past love, Croatia - © gary yim / Shutterstock
© gary yim / Shutterstock

A museum of a different kind is the Museum of Broken Relationships. It was named the most innovative museum in Europe and houses relics from all over Europe that tell stories of past love and passion. Among the most bizarre exhibits are the "ex-axe" and the "crazy divorce garden gnome".

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Maksimir Park and Zoo in Zagreb

Maksimir Park in Zagreb, Croatia, is the oldest and largest park in southern Europe - © ibreakstock / Shutterstock
© ibreakstock / Shutterstock

Theoldest and largest park in the whole of southern Europe has already been voted the most beautiful park in Europe and promises idyllic relaxation on over 300 hectares of greenery with gardens, forests and lakes. Lovingly laid-out walkways lead to pavilions, fountains and sculptures, to which Maksimir Park owes its status as a cultural monument.


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Botanical Garden in Zagreb

The Botanical Garden of Zagreb impresses its visitors with a variety of native and exotic plants, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

Free admission to an oasis of tranquillity is also promised by the Zagreb Botanical Garden from April to October. It is maintained by the city's Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and houses a fascinating wealth of native and exotic plants in ponds and flowerbeds.

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National Theatre in Zagreb

The impressive National Theatre on Tito Square is Zagreb's most magnificent stage and one of the most important sights in Croatia's capital - © Phant / Shutterstock
© Phant / Shutterstock

The baroque National Theatre of Zagreb is one of the city's most outstanding buildings due to its architectural beauty. It is located on Tito Square and was founded in 1840 as part of a cross-state concept to promote culture in Croatia. Today it impresses with great acting and its masterfully decorated interior.

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