The 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Mediterranean climate, kilometres of sand and pebble beaches, crystal clear sea and idyllic bays - no wonder that beach holidays in Croatia are becoming more and more popular! We present the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Croatia is increasingly outstripping the typical European seaside destinations such as Italy or Majorca. This popular holiday destination boasts no less than 1,777 kilometres of coastline and 1,200 islands. Some of the large to tiny islets are under nature protection and many have kilometre-long beaches.


The quality of the sea water in Croatia is among the best in Europe in terms of cleanliness, which is why many Croatian beaches have been awarded the blue flag. Our 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia are also often in the top ranks in international comparisons.

Tip: Most stretches of the Croatian coast are rocky. Sturdy bathing shoes protect you from sharp-edged stones and sea urchins that can quickly ruin your beach holiday in Croatia.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Island of Brac

The tiny pebbles provide crystal clear water on the beach of Zlatni Rat and a dense forest of pines and pine trees provide natural protection from the sun, island of Brac, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

The "Golden Horn" is located about 2.5 kilometres west of Bol on the south coast of Brac and is considered by many to be THE symbol of a beach holiday in Croatia. As a natural monument in Croatia, the crescent-shaped beach is one of the most famous beaches in the entire Adriatic and has already been voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

The approximately 500m long headland is perfectly equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers, restaurants and sanitary facilities for a varied day of swimming on Brac. Nude bathing is also allowed in a separate area to the north.

Accommodation and hotels: Brac island

Vela Przina Beach near Lumbarda, Korcula Island

The golden yellow Vela Przina can undoubtedly be called the most beautiful sandy beach of Korcula, Croatia - © Ajan Alen / Shutterstock
© Ajan Alen / Shutterstock

On the east coast of Korcula, Vela Przina near Lumbarda is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. "The Guardian has already named Vela Przina one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in Europe. Around 6km from the main town of Korcula, bathing holidaymakers of all ages meet here. Restaurants and toilets are available as well as sunshades and deckchairs and water sports facilities.

Accommodation and hotels: Korčula island

Tip: From Vela Przina you can discover numerous hidden bays on Korcula's coast by boat! Worth seeing is, for example, the nearby beach Bili Zal with its sensational panorama of the Peljesac mountains.

Punta Rata Beach, Makarska Riviera

In the resort of Brela on the stunning Makarska Riviera lies the sparkling white beach of Punta Rata, fringed by a secluded pine grove, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

At the holiday resort of Brela on the dreamlike Makarska Riviera lies a brilliant white pebble beach lined by a secluded pine grove. The US magazine Forbes has already named Punta Rata the most beautiful beach in Europe. Unique phenomenon: eddies created by underwater springs turn the coast around Brela into a natural salt-water whirlpool.


Accommodation and hotels: Makarska Riviera

Pudarica bathing bay near Barbat, island of Rab

Pudarica Bay in the south of Rab is one of the few bays in Croatia with a long sandy beach - © Isaac74 / Shutterstock
© Isaac74 / Shutterstock

The beautiful bathing bay of Pudarica is located in the south of the island of Rab, very close to Barbat. With its gently sloping bottom, the sandy beach is a dream for families with children. The island's capital, Rab Town, is just a stone's throw away and provides a touch of culture for your beach holiday with its pretty old town.

Accommodation and hotels: Island Rab

Martinščica beach, island of Cres

The quiet resort of Martinščica on the west coast of the Croatian island of Cres attracts visitors with its relaxed tranquillity and kilometre-long pebble beach - © gualtiero boffi / Shutterstock
© gualtiero boffi / Shutterstock

The kilometre-long pebble beach of Martinščica on Cres is a protected nature reserve and boasts a turquoise sea. Shallow slopes and warm water temperatures make it ideal for families with children. At the Slatina campsite there are snack bars, sanitary facilities and also a small nudist area. Martinščica can be reached by ferry from Rijeka on the mainland and from Mali Lošinj on the neighbouring island of Lošinj.

Accommodation and hotels: Cres island

San Marino Paradise Beach near Lopar, Island of Rab

The 1.5km long sandy beach Paradiso on the island of Rab delights families with children as well as active bathing holidaymakers, Croatia - © Uta Scholl / Shutterstock
© Uta Scholl / Shutterstock

The 1.5 km long sandy beach near Lopar on the island of Rab delights families with children as well as active bathing holidaymakers. The leisure activities on Rab's paradise beach include jet skiing, pedal boats and banana boats, windsurfing and water skiing. In summer, beach volleyball tournaments are held regularly.

Accommodation and hotels: Island Rab

Valun beaches, island of Cres

Just outside Valun on the island of Cres, the pebble beaches are replaced by natural rocky banks, Croatia - © ah_fotobox / Shutterstock
© ah_fotobox / Shutterstock

The cleanest sea in Croatia is said to be found here. The two small pebble beaches of Valun on Cres invite you to swim, snorkel and sunbathe. Trees provide natural shade and the car-free fishing village of Valun with its rustic tavernas provides the right setting.


Accommodation and hotels: Cres island

Pristine sandy beach on Dugi Otok near Zadar

Parasol and deck chairs on the pebble sand beach of Dugi Otok. A few yachts anchor in the azure blue sea lagoon, Croatia - © Shinedawn / Shutterstock
© Shinedawn / Shutterstock

The "long island" of Dugi Otok can be reached by boat from Zadar. In addition to a rocky coast with pre-warmed rocks as sunbeds, an almost 1000m long sandy beach "Saharun" offers bathing pleasure at its best. Picturesquely framed by pine forests, its calm sea and shallow bottom make it suitable even for non-swimmers. There is absolute peace and relaxation here.

Accommodation and hotels: Zadar

Simuni Beach, Island of Pag

Simuni beach on the island of Pag belongs to Simuni campsite and stretches for 4 kilometres, Croatia - © Zocchi Roberto / Shutterstock
© Zocchi Roberto / Shutterstock

The popular pebble beach on the island of Pag belongs to the Simuni campsite and stretches over a length of 4 kilometres! Long enough so that a small area of about 500 metres could also be filled with sand.

Accommodation and hotels: Pag Island

Party beach Zrce, island Pag

With its DJs, beach bars, beach volleyball courts and a bungee jumping station, Zrce Beach is mainly a meeting place for young Croatian holidaymakers - © ondrejsustik / Shutterstock
© ondrejsustik / Shutterstock

Not an absolute natural beauty, but still very popular is the pebble beach Zrce about 5km south of Novalja on the island of Pag. With its DJs, beach bars, beach volleyball courts and a bungee jumping station, it is mainly young Croatian holidaymakers who meet here. From June to August, Zrce beach is the place to be for clubs and various festivals, including the well-known SONUS.

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PICTURES: The 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Photo gallery: The 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Swimming, diving, sightseeing - which beaches are the right ones?

The infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired on the famous beach of Zlatni Rat near Bol, island of Brac, Croatia - © Zocchi Roberto / Shutterstock
© Zocchi Roberto / Shutterstock

Croatia is not a big country, but you don't have to travel all over the country for your perfect beach holiday. Depending on whether you want to go diving and snorkelling, just relax or do something in the surrounding area, you are guaranteed to find the right destination for your beach holiday in Croatia!

Classic: beach holiday on Krk

Sunbeds on the beach of Baska on the island of Krk await bathers, Croatia - © Pablo Debat / Shutterstock
© Pablo Debat / Shutterstock

Krk is the largest island and, thanks to its beautiful bays, also the most visited holiday island in Croatia. Almost every bay has holiday homes and hotels directly on the beach. In the bay of Baska, the sandy beach is framed by mountains, in Vrbnik and Malinska, pebble beaches are ideal for diving, and in Krk Town, after swimming, take a stroll through the picturesque old town.

Accommodation and hotels: Island Krk

Diving and snorkelling on Cres and Losinj

Just outside Valun on the island of Cres, the pebble beaches are replaced by natural rocky banks, Croatia - © ah_fotobox / Shutterstock
© ah_fotobox / Shutterstock

There are no sandy beaches on Cres, but the snow-white pebble beaches on the south and west coasts and the natural rocky banks on the north and east coasts create paradise conditions for divers and snorkellers. Particularly beautiful are the small bay below Lubenice, the kilometre-long pebble beach near Martinščica and the coast near Valun - supposedly the clearest water in Croatia can be found here.

The situation is similar on the island of Losinj. Especially around Nerezine, the water is crystal clear. The picture-perfect rocky coast provides unforgettable romantic moments, especially at sunset.

On the mainland, the pebble and rocky bays near Cavtat in the very south of Croatia are considered the perfect destination for a bathing holiday in Dalmatia. As the "taillight" towards the south, the Croatian coast seemingly once again offers everything it has to offer in terms of beauty.


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Accommodation and hotels: Island of Lošinj

Bathing at the end of the world in Istria

At the southern tip of the Premantura peninsula, nature is still completely untouched; Lonely Planet even speaks of the "end of the world". Many small sand and pebble beaches are hidden here among the pines, where rocks pre-warmed by the sun offer themselves as sun loungers. The beach "Portic" is well suited for families with children and at the beach Kolombarica on the west coast, cliff jumpers will find an 8m high rock face right by the sea.

Croatia's sandy beaches

The characteristic Zlatni Rat beach in the south of Brac is considered one of the greatest natural beauties of Croatia - © Scott Wong / Shutterstock
© Scott Wong / Shutterstock

Although rocky and pebble beaches predominate in Croatia, there are also some wonderful sandy beaches, especially on the islands of Rab and Brac. If you then spread out your towel under the shade of the pine trees, you are not far away from that Caribbean feeling.

Croatia's most famous sandy beach is the Golden Horn near Bol on the island of Brac. The "Zlatni Rat" with its characteristic crescent shape is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. The sandy beaches near Supetar are also particularly popular with families with children.

On the island of Rab, the sandy beach Paradiso with numerous sports facilities and summer beach volleyball tournaments, the beach San Marino near Lopar, the bathing bay Pudarica near Barbat in the south of the island and the beach Mel near Kampor, which are also suitable for families, attract visitors.

Perfect for a bathing holiday in Croatia is also the huge sand dune "Susak", whose origin is still not completely clear. The dune island is the only one on the Mediterranean and can be reached by ferry from Losinj. As a speciality there is not only freshly caught fish, but also a unique wine that grows on sand.

On the mainland, in the small town of Nin near Zadar, some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia can be found over a total of 8 kilometres. In contrast to the open sea, the water temperature in the bays of Nin is 2-3 degrees higher. The beaches of Zdrijac and Kraljicina have often been awarded the blue flag for their excellent water quality and are ideal for children.


Undisturbed bathing in the Kornati and Brijuni National Parks

Telascica Bay on Dugi Otok, the northernmost of the Kornati Islands, presents itself as particularly idyllic, Croatia - © xbrchx / Shutterstock
© xbrchx / Shutterstock

If you have your own boat, island hopping in the Kornati bays or in the Brijuni National Park is the right choice! Most of the 140 islands of Kornati are under nature protection. With their steep cliffs, the naked limestone islands are among the most beautiful sailing areas in Europe.

Brijuni, off the Croatian coast between Pula and Rovinj, is smaller with its 14 islands and also interesting for hikers with its interesting flora and a historical safari park.

Dubrovnik Beach with World Heritage View

View of the old town of Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Mediterranean, Croatia - © JanJar / Fotolia
© JanJar / Fotolia

Unlike many other city beaches, Dubrovnik 's beach is ideal for swimming. Only a 3-minute walk from the old town, the wonderfully clean bathing bay is very central and offers a magnificent view of the picturesque harbour of the UNESCO World Heritage city.

Accommodation and hotels: Dubrovnik


Tip: The view of Dubrovnik is even more beautiful from the beaches of the offshore island of Lopud. The small beach Sunj can be reached by boat. Sun loungers and parasols can be rented directly on the beach, nude bathing is allowed.

Nudist beach holiday in Croatia

On the unspoilt peninsula of Kalifront in the north of Rab, you will find beautiful bathing bays around Kampor and Suha Punta, Croatia - © Isaac74 / Shutterstock
© Isaac74 / Shutterstock

Naturists will find some beautiful places in Croatia where nude bathing is allowed. For example, on the "hell islands" Pakleni otici, which can be reached by boat from the island of Hvar. Restaurants and water sports facilities are also available on the beaches of Jerolim or Palmizana on the island of Sveti Klement.

On the island of Rab, beach holidaymakers can go nude on Sahara beach in the north of the Lopar peninsula and on the Frkanj peninsula near Suha Punta. This is supposedly where the first nudist beach in the former Yugoslavia was created when the English King Edward VIII bathed naked in the sea with his wife, Lady Wallis Simpson, in the early 20th century - of course, only with the permission of the local authorities.