Powerscourt Gardens in Enniskerry, Ireland

The Powerscourt Gardens in the east of Ireland are one of the most beautiful estates in the country and impress with watercourses, sculptures, lakes and the magnificent Powerscourt House.

Powerscourt Gardens are located near the Irish village of Enniskerry in the south-east of County Wicklow. The magnificent grounds with ornamental gardens, lakes, magnificent buildings and watercourses are among the most beautiful in Ireland. In addition to the perfectly manicured grounds, the Powerscourt Gardens also boast an imposing manor house and the highest waterfall in Ireland.


The Powerscourt Gardens cover an area of almost 20 hectares and are located just under half an hour's drive south of the Irish capital Dublin at the foot of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The idyllic grounds were commissioned by Viscount Powerscourt in 1730 and expanded by successive viscounts over the following centuries.

Places of interest in Powerscourt Gardens

The Powerscourt Gardens' special attractions are the Italian and Japanese ornamental gardens. The latter impresses with picturesque curved paths and small, typical Japanese pagodas. In Tower Valley, amidst the lush green vegetation, there is a dainty little tower dating from 1911, the so-called Pepper Pot Tower. Also on the grounds is the Bamberg Gate, a magnificent gate originally from Bamberg Cathedral, and a pet cemetery where not only dogs and cats but also horses and cows have found their final resting place. Gravestones indicate which deceased animal lies in each gravesite. The beautiful landscape with its spacious lawns is also adorned with numerous statues and fountains, and interspersed with water features such as Triton Lake or Dolphin Pond.

Powerscourt House

Powerscourt House, the manor house of the estate's owners, is enthroned in the middle of Powerscourt Gardens. Today this is the Slazenger family. Powerscourt House was built together with the gardens in 1730 and converted into a castle in the 19th century by the German architect Richard Cassels. In 1974 Powerscourt House fell victim to a devastating fire, which was followed by a generous repair. 23 years later it was reopened to visitors. Powerscourt House is used simultaneously as an event venue, museum and business premises. 2 rooms can be viewed in their original pre-fire condition, Powerscourt House also houses the world's largest doll museum and other historic toys.

Powerscourt Waterfall

Those planning a longer stay in the picturesque setting of Powerscourt Gardens should definitely take the one-hour hike to Powerscourt Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Ireland. There is an extra entrance fee, but the sight of the river Dargle rushing 130m over rugged granite rocks is well worth the few euros.

Tourists visiting Powerscourt Gardens are well catered for. A golf course and a Ritz-Carlton Hotel are located directly on the grounds. The Irish restaurant Avoca Handweaver takes care of the physical well-being and a relaxing coffee on one of the terraces.

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