The Top 10 Sights of Japan

Travel to Japan without any tourist traps! Here you will find a list of the top 10 sights of Japan! Which highlights and attractions should you not miss on your holiday in Japan?

Japan is a unique country with unique people and a unique culture. The island nation in the far east has something to offer for everyone, whether magical national parks with fantastic nature, historic buildings as witnesses of past centuries or bustling cities with millions of inhabitants all under the sign of the latest technology.


Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji in spring, Japan - © toraya / Fotolia
© toraya / Fotolia

Mount Fuji is not only famous as Japan's sacred and highest mountain, but is also one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Rising up to 3,776m, the summit of the dormant volcano is almost completely symmetrical and is relatively easy to climb. Japan's landmark is particularly photogenic during the cherry blossom season with its snow-covered summit.

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Nikko National Park

The 2,484-metre-high Nantai volcano in Nikko National Park can be climbed from the beginning of May to the end of October on an easily accessible trail, Japan - © orikazu / Shutterstock
© orikazu / Shutterstock

An attractive mix of beautiful scenery and historic buildings, Nikko National Park is considered Japan's most beautiful national park. Hidden among the lush vegetation in one of the oldest national parks in the country are bridges, temples and shrines that are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Particularly famous is the Nikko Tōshō-gū, considered the most beautiful Shinto shrine in Japan.

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Tokyo Skytree

At 634 metres, the Skytree in Tokyo is the tallest tower in the world, Japan - © skyearth / Shutterstock
© skyearth / Shutterstock

If you ' re out and about in Japan's capital, you can't miss the Skytree. Since 2012, the world's tallest TV tower has been Tokyo's new landmark. It is a gigantic 634 metres high and offers a spectacular view of the city from two viewing platforms. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Fuji rising into the sky a good 100 kilometres away.

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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium holds the world record for the largest saltwater aquarium, Japan - © leungchopan / Fotolia
© leungchopan / Fotolia

On the Japanese island of Okinawa, the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is the largest saltwater aquarium in the world. Even whale sharks make their circles in the enormous 10-metre-high tank! Other highlights are the manta rays, dolphin shows, around 70 different coral species and the deep-sea pool, whose bizarre inhabitants hardly anyone has ever seen before.


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Daibatsu ("Great Buddha") in Kamakura

The Daibatsu, "Great Buddha" in the temple city of Kamakura is the second largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan, standing 13 metres tall - © Filip Fuxa / Shutterstock
© Filip Fuxa / Shutterstock

The fascinating temple town of Kamakura is home to Japan's second tallest Buddha statue at 13 metres. The monumental bronze Buddha Daibatsu dates from the 13th century and is one of the world's most important images of Buddha Amitabha. The 100-ton statue can even be visited from the inside.

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Shinto Shrine in Itsukushima

The famous wooden "Torii" on Itsukushima Island at sunset, Japan - © SeanPavonePhoto / Fotolia
© SeanPavonePhoto / Fotolia

An impressive example of Japanese architecture, the Shinto shrine in Itsukushima is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The bright red buildings seem to float on the water and were not allowed to be entered by ordinary citizens for a long time. The fiery red wooden gate of the shrine is one of the most famous postcard motifs of Japan.

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Himeji Castle

The 17th century Himeji Castle (also called Himeji-jō) is one of the oldest buildings in Japan and is considered the most beautiful and most visited castle - © Martin Mette / Shutterstock
© Martin Mette / Shutterstock

The 32m-high Himeji Castle is one of the oldest well-preserved buildings in Japan. Not even the bombs of the Second World War could harm it. With its typical Japanese roofs and winding alleys, the snow-white castle on the mountain top is considered Japan's most beautiful and also most visited castle.

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Kyōto Tower in Kyōto

The 131 metre high Kyoto Tower in the evening, Japan - © Ghettog76 / Fotolia
© Ghettog76 / Fotolia

Amidst the time-honoured shrines and temples of Kyōto, the 130m-high Kyōto Tower rises into the Japanese sky as the city's tallest building. At a height of 100 metres, a viewing platform offers a magnificent panoramic view. Initially controversial as to whether such a steel and glass colossus would fit into the image of the traditional old town, the candle-shaped tower has since become an integral part of the Kyōto skyline.


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Peace Monument in Hiroshima

The Peace Memorial in the Japanese coastal city of Hiroshima, also known as the "Atomic Bomb Dome", commemorates the victims of the atomic bomb of 6 August 1945, Japan - © kessudap / Shutterstock
© kessudap / Shutterstock

As the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the bare skeleton of a building commemorates the atomic bomb of August 1945 and its approximately 140,000 victims. It is located almost exactly at ground zero, where the atomic bomb would have hit had it not exploded in the air. The so-called "Atomic Bomb Dome" is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered a memorial to the first wartime use of the atomic bomb in human history.

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Bandai Asahi National Park

The mountain world of Bandai Asahi National Park in Japan is home to crystal-clear lakes and lush vegetation - © Luftikus / Shutterstock
© Luftikus / Shutterstock

Japan's third-largest national park covers an area of 186,400 hectares and is home to a wildly romantic mountain landscape with lush green forests, crystal-clear lakes and flowering alpine meadows. Similar to the Nikko National Park, hidden temples and shrines keep popping up in the varied landscape of Bandai Asahi National Park.

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