Beaches of Goa, India

The beaches of the breathtaking 100km coastline of Goa on the west coast of India lie off the Arabian Sea. They are especially known for the high quality of the sand and are considered both a recreational and party destination.

The stunningly beautiful coastline of Goa is located on the west coast of India on the Arabian Sea and is one of our top 10 places to visit in India. The 100-kilometre coastline of finest sand is also called the "Indian Riviera" and is interrupted only by 7 rivers that pour into the Arabian Sea. The fabulous beaches of the former Portuguese colony are especially famous for the particularly high quality of the sand.


Along the seemingly endless coastline, one pretty Indian village follows another and there are many hotels in all possible price ranges. The extremely hospitable locals cater to the physical well-being of their guests in excellent restaurants. Of course, mass tourism does not stop at such paradisiacal places.

The shady spots under swaying palm trees with a wonderful view of the sea leave nothing to be desired. Every now and then, however, you have to share your beach spot with the sacred cows.

Hippies in Goa

Cows on the tropical beach of Goa in India - © AleksandarTodorovic/Shutterstock
© AleksandarTodorovic/Shutterstock

But the beaches of Goa were not only discovered by tourists in recent years. Already in the sixties, dropouts and especially hippies travelled to Goa, after they had found a possibility to live a life far away from European duties and constraints. Their way of life has been preserved on the beaches of Goa until today.

In the town of Anjuna, a hippie market is held every Wednesday on the beach, with traders coming from all over India. They sell handicrafts, antiques and lots of kitsch. But not only Indians, also Europeans who started a new life on the beach offer their goods at this market. Once a year, there is a traditional Christmas party that attracts guests from all over the world.

Goa: Best time to travel and the most beautiful beaches

The best time for a holiday in Goa is the winter half-year, i.e. from October to April, when the monsoon rains have just passed.

Calangute Beach

There are countless different stretches of beach along Goa's coastline, each with a different name and its own special advantages. Calangute Beach, named after the seaside village of the same name, is known as the "Queen of Beaches".

Here you will find not only nice restaurants and cosy pubs, but also hotels, souvenir shops, travel agencies and a small library. Especially at night, there is a lot of activity here when the bars and beach houses open their doors, where parties are held every night.


Colva Beach

Colva Beach, the longest beach in Goa at 25 kilometres, is often compared to Brazil's Copacabana, India - © dashingstock / Shutterstock
© dashingstock / Shutterstock

Besides Calangute, Colva Beach is also worth a visit. At 25 kilometres, Goa's longest beach is often compared to Brazil's Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.

Betul and Palolem Beach

If you are not looking for parties or action on holiday, you should visit Betul Beach or Palolem Beach. These two beaches are almost untouched by tourism. However, before you can unwind on fine sand or in crystal-clear water, you have to put up with a somewhat complicated journey, because these two beaches are a bit difficult to reach.

From Colva Beach, you can get to Betul Beach when the Sal River is at low tide, because then you can easily wade through it. Palolem Beach can be reached via a gravel road in the southern province of Canacona.

Visit to Goa

It is generally easy to find a hotel on the beaches of Goa, but Anjuna is an exception. If you haven't booked a room beforehand, it can happen that you have to wait a few nights before you find a place to stay.

But no problem: in this case, you can leave your luggage with restaurant owners for surveillance and spend the night romantically under palm trees and stars until you get a room. Who knows if you would even want to sleep with a roof over your head after a night on the beach.

Apart from a refreshing swim in the sea, there are many excursions to be made in and from Goa. Many of the excursion destinations can be reached easily by taxi, and it also pays to visit the flea market in Anjuna, which takes place once a week.