Facts and figures of Georgia

Interesting facts and figures on Georgia with international airports, official language, religion, currency, time zone, mains voltage and other important information for holidays in Georgia.

Official language Georgian, regional Abkhazian
Form of government Presidential system
Religion Georgian Orthodox Apostolic Church (84%)
Area 69,700 km²
Inhabitants 4.498.000
Population density 66.0 Inhabitants per km²
Capital Tbilisi
Population capital 1.162.000
Currency Georgian Lari, 1 Lari = 100 Tetri
Time zone UTC+4h, MSK - Moscow Time
Time zone summer time none
Telephone area code +995
Top-level domain .ge
Mains voltage 220V
International airport Tbilisi (TBS)
Average age 39.6 years
Life expectancy 77.5 years
Infant Mortality 14.2 deaths per 1,000 births