The Top 10 Sights of Kenya

Travel to Kenya completely without tourist traps! Here you will find a list of the top 10 attractions of Kenya! What are the highlights and attractions you can't miss when vacationing in Kenya?

Kenya is Africa as you would imagine it. Here, wildebeests and zebras graze under a red sun, giraffes nibble on acacia trees, lions lie in the shade, and hyenas fawn at night. Travelers through Kenya experience the stunning Masai Mara, majestic Mount Kenya, skyscrapers in modern cities and the simple villages of proud African tribes.


Masai Mara Game Reserve

Zebras and wildebeest in Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya - © erichon / Fotolia
© erichon / Fotolia

The Masai Mara Game Reserve in the south of the country is home to most of Kenya's wildlife. From July to October, the largest herds of ungulates in the world migrate here from Tanzania to the waterholes and grazing grounds of the Masai Mara. Millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebra, antelope, elephant and springbok - accompanied by numerous predators - guarantee unforgettable safari adventures here every year.

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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake-Nakuru in the national park of the same name is home to more than 2 million flamingos that cover Lake Nakuru like a fluffy pink blanket, Kenya - © MARCO MAZZACANI / Fotolia

After the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru National Park is the most visited nature reserve in Kenya. Especially giraffes, monkeys, buffalos and rhinos can be found around Lake Nakuru - and millions of flamingos, which find a perfect habitat here as one of the 450 bird species of Lake Nakuru.

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Mount Kenya National Park

The 5,200m high Mount Kenya just before sunset, Kenya - © Jiri Haureljuk / Shutterstock
© Jiri Haureljuk / Shutterstock

The majestic Mount Kenya is Kenya's highest and, after Kilimanjaro, most famous mountain. Its lush green flanks are also protected by the national park of the same name, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its ascent is quite a bit more difficult than Kilimanjaro's due to the high temperature differences, challenging escarpments, and treacherous glacier fields.

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Samburu National Park

Typical African landscape with red earth and umbrella acacias - here in Samburu National Park in Kenya - © Piotr Gatlik / Shutterstock
© Piotr Gatlik / Shutterstock

Samburu National Park is located in the comparatively arid north of Kenya, but also has an amazing wildlife diversity - and, most importantly, fewer visitors. Here, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo are most common. With lion and leopard, they form Africa's "Big 5." Zebras, giraffes, kudus, ostriches, cheetahs and Nile crocodiles make the safari experience in Samburu National Park perfect.


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Lamu Island

Lamu Island off the coast of Kenya has managed to preserve its fascinating cultural mix of a thousand years of Arab, Indian and African influences to this day - © Eric Isselee / Shutterstock
© Eric Isselee / Shutterstock

If you're looking for history, you'll find it on Kenya's Lamu Island. The island on the equator has been a meeting place for cultures from all over the world for thousands of years and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Arab, Indian and African legacies are deeply anchored in architecture and traditions. Dreamlike beaches with white sand lure to a bathing vacation in Kenya.

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Bogoria Lake

The countless flamingos cover Lake Bogoria in the heart of Kenya with a fluffy pink blanket - © Bartosz Budrewicz / Shutterstock
© Bartosz Budrewicz / Shutterstock

At Lake Bogoria, it's not big cats that hiss, but holes in the ground. In the heart of Kenya is the largest concentration of geysers in Africa. Together with other saline lakes in the East African Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is also home to the world's largest flamingo colony.

With no dangerous predators, this green paradise can even be explored on foot - though temperatures here can reach 40°C all year round.

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Fort Jesus in Mombasa

Fort Jesus in Kenya's Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast guarded the entrance to Kenya's largest and most important port city in the 16th century - © wiw / Fotolia
© wiw / Fotolia

Besides the spectacular wildlife, Kenya also has some architectural sights to offer. Fort Jesus in Kenya's most important port city was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Still the largest fortification in Africa today, it houses parts of Kenya's national museum. The massive outer walls and the wonderfully carved gates are still almost completely preserved.

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Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is one of the two freshwater lakes in Kenya's Great Rift Valley and a haven for waterfowl and other wildlife - © Pal Teravagimov / Shutterstock
© Pal Teravagimov / Shutterstock

Besides Lake Baringo, Lake Naivasha is the only freshwater lake in the East African Rift Valley. Instead of flocks of flamingos, it is therefore populated primarily by pelicans, zebras, wildebeest, buffalo and hippos. From Lake Naivasha, excursions are available to private game reserves, Hell's Gate and Nakuru National Park.

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Baringo Lake

Lake Baringo is one of the two freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, where hippos also feel right at home - © Byelikova Oksana / Shutterstock
© Byelikova Oksana / Shutterstock

The second freshwater lake in the East African Rift Valley is also populated by a variety of thirsty or fish-eating wildlife. Mainly fish and birds (450 different species!), but also hippos, waterbucks, gazelles and giraffes can be seen here. In addition, the year-round warm Lake Baringo offers perfect opportunities for hiking safaris and water sports.

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Nairobi National Park

Just 7km from Kenya's capital, Nairobi National Park is the perfect African idyll - © Africanmoose / Shutterstock
© Africanmoose / Shutterstock

Nairobi National Park is located just 7km from Kenya's capital, making it the world's only national park located so close to a major city. Kenya's first national park thus allows for unique safari photos of giraffes and skyscrapers. The only thing missing from Africa's "Big 5" in Nairobi National Park are the elephants. Above all, the highly endangered black rhinos can be seen here.

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